RuVelation! Drag Race’s season 12 queens are here

Drag Race season 12 promo shoot

Start your engines because the season 12 Drag Race queens have been RuVealed and honey we’re quaking.

Host RuPaul has asked 13 new queens to slay and “Pledge allegiance to the drag” for Drag Race season 12.

Season 12 promises to be the most diverse yet, with queens delivering a range of camp, comedy and chiselled jaw lines.

There’s even Drag Race’s first ‘J-pop’ queen, a French-born queen and an Iranian-Canadian contestant.

“This cast of queens is, dare I say, the most talented we’ve ever had,” Mama RuPaul told EW.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a fresh crop of queens arrives to blow our minds all over again.”

RuPaul also said season 12 is looking to be the best season of Drag Race thus far.

He promises it will “raise the bar for all competition of reality” and include “twisted, outrageous challenges” and “truly legendary” celebrity guests. *Squeal* we can’t wait!

Drag Race season 12 will grace Aussie screens on February 29. To tide you over until then, scroll down to meet the iconic cast.

Meet all of the Drag Race season 12 cast below:

Sherry Pie

Would you look at that pearl necklace! (Not a euphemism)

Collecting inspiration from the 1950s, New York’s Sherry Pie describes her drag as “classic camp” with a “little glamour”.

She said being a drag queen has been the one thing she has always been good at.

“I am everything we love about drag from the past and honey, I am looking forward to a nice future.”

Heidi N Closet

Performing since she was nineteen, Heidi says her drag name started as joke but just kind of stuck.

She loves to dance and move her body, but also has a background in pageantry.

She is a self-confess “oddball” and likes to have a laugh.

“I can fit three quarters in between [the gap of my teeth],” she said when speaking about why she should win season 12.

Aiden Zhane

Another small-town queen, Aiden Zhane says their drag encompasses everything from A-Z.

They admit they may be a little less experienced than other Drag Race competitors but plans to use that to their advantage.

“A lot of girls might underestimate my performance ability,

“[But] just because I can’t give you high kicks and death drops does not mean I will not go out there and put on a damn show,” Aiden said.

They promise to bring uniqueness, a “mixture of cartoon, horror, and beauty.”

Jackie Cox

Jackie says she takes her inspiration from a lot of the art around her in New York City.

She has a love of theatre and cabaret and is like “your cool aunt [who] always want to have some fun.”

She is also Drag Race’s first queen of Iranian decent AND she hails from Canada. Move over Brooklyn, Jackie’s coming for your rep.

“I love being the voice for queer middle-eastern kids who are scared to come out to their parents.”

Awe, Jackie! We love you already.


“Anything but pure”, Brita is a New York queen willing to do anything to snatch this year’s crown.

She says she is inspired by “big, bold women of colour” and people who “reach [her] soul when they sing.”

This year was Brita’s first time auditioning for Drag Race. She said she would only ever audition if she knew she could win.

“Bitch, I look like a trophy. Of course, I’m America’s next drag superstar.”

Crystal Methyd

Crystal says she’s a different queen to the rest.

“She’s fun, she’s nice, she’s creative, she’s definitely thrifty.” Oh, Crystal honey, that’s a wee bit shady.

But Crystal said she’s also a budget queen who takes inspiration from the club kid era.

“Sometimes my style is a little bit quirky or doesn’t make sense,” she said.

“I’m a really good singer too…probably.”

Nicky Doll

Born in France, Nicky is now a New York City queen.

She encompasses fashion and versatility who says she is often booked to be a “look queen”.

But she also gets excited by anime and humour.

“I’m a video game whore and a nerd.”

“I think it would be such an honour to crowned as an immigrant America’s next drag superstar.”

Jaida Essence Hall

Hailing from Wisconsin, Jaida says she is the “essence of beauty”.

She describes herself as a “fully realised hyper feminine version of a woman.”

Jaida has also won several pageants which she believes will help her steal the Drag Race season 12 crown.

“I’m here and I’m ready to conquer my fears,” she said.

She has one phrase in life: “Don’t worry about me, okay?”

Dahlia Sin

Dahlia got her name from the infamous Black Dahlia as she said her drag was a little spooky in its infancy.

But more interestingly, the wonderful Aja is her drag mother!

She promises to bring “sexiness” to the runway and is a self-confessed Rihanna stan.

“Dahlia is the next drag superstar because she is fierce, competitive [and] brings good TV,”

“She gives the crowd what they need, girl.”


Oh my, another New York Queen! All hail!

She describes herself as the girl next door who is “insane”.

Jan also sings live during her shows so we can’t wait to see what she has to offer this season of Drag Race.

She also is the drag daughter of Drag Race royalty, Alexis Michelle.

“I am so inspired by music,” Jan admits.

“Jan is a one stop shop for drag.”

Widow Von’Du

Oh Widow, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

Widow likens herself to the black widow spider and says she is just as dangerous.

“Widow is that girl” whose style can be described as “a rachet-ass queen with high class fashion.”

But Widow encourages viewers to look at what drag has done for the LGBTIQ community.

She also wants us to get out popcorn ready because Drag Race season 12 will be the best one to date.

Alright Widow, we’ll hold you to that.

Rock M. Sakura

Your “anime, J-pop, manga queen”.

Rock M Sakura says she loves everything weird, campy and kitschy.

But more than that, she is a confident performer who has depth.

She said it’s time an anime queen was crowned the winner of Drag Race.

But more importantly, Rock M. Sakura said she will win the crown at any cost.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see some sword fighting this season. No, not those swords. Get your heads out of the gutter.

Gigi Goode

Gigi started performing in drag at the age of fifteen and her mum makes all of her clothes. Oh my god, how sweet!?

She gets a lot of inspiration from pop culture but also refers to herself as “delusional”.

She loves clothes and fashion but don’t call her a look queen — Gigi is so much more than that.

“You will never have seen a queen like me before on this show.”

“I encompass every single thing that America’s next drag superstar is.”

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