RuPaul blasts ‘stunt queen’ politicians pushing drag bans

RuPaul films a new PSA calling out hateful drag bans in the US
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RuPaul has called out right-wing “stunt queen” politicians legislating to restrict or prohibit drag performances and called on Americans to vote them out.

This week, Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Lee signed into law a bill restricting “adult cabaret performances” in public spaces, including by “male or female impersonators”.

And the same day, Governor Lee also signed a hateful bill banning gender-affirming health care for transgender youth in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, Republicans in almost a dozen other US states are also pushing similar hateful bills targeting drag shows.

RuPaul has taken aim at the “bully” lawmakers in a new PSA on social media. In it, Ru calls the legislation a “classic distraction technique”.

“Hey, look over there! A classic distraction technique, distracting us away from the real issues that they were voted into office to focus on,” Ru says.

These include “jobs, healthcare, keeping our children safe from harm at their own school,” Ru says.

“We know that bullies are incompetent at solving real issues,” he says in the video.

“They look for easy targets so they can give the impression of being effective.

“They think our love, our light, our laughter and our joy are signs of weakness. But they’re wrong because that is our strength.

“Drag queens are the Marines of the queer movement.”

“Don’t get it twisted and don’t be distracted. Register to vote so we can get these stunt queens out of office and put some smart people with real solutions into government.

“By the way, a social media post has never been as powerful as a registered vote.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race stars blast drag bans

A few weeks ago, GLAAD also put out a video with almost a dozen RuPaul’s Drag Race queens speaking out.

Season 15 contestant Sasha Colby says in the video, “It’s wild to see what’s going on as all these anti-trans bills being disguised as anti-drag bills.”

“You know what we’re not gonna do? We’re not gonna let them take us down,” Sasha says.

“We’re going to keep doing what we need to do. Because you know what? Drag is for us, and drag is art.”

Sasha also added, “If it wasn’t for drag, not only would I not be Sasha Colby, but I think I would be a very broken person, alone person.

“Without drag, I wouldn’t be able to figure out who I really am and my voice. And that’s what they want to stop from us.”

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