Ruby Rose’s Batwoman comes out as lesbian

ruby rose in batwoman
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Ruby Rose’s Batwoman announced to Gotham and the rest of the world she is, in fact, a lesbian.

The reveal came in the show’s mid-season premiere titled ‘How Queer Everything Is Today!’ and shows Batwoman coming out on the cover of Catco.

So far in the DC series, Kate Kane (Batwoman’s true name) is an out and proud gay woman.

But she had been keeping her sexuality a secret when appearing in public in her suit.

Show runner and out lesbian Caroline Dries said Batwoman’s coming out had been in the works since the very beginning.

“Eventually Kate [realised] that she is comfortable and out of the closet as Kate and then she puts on the suit and hides a huge part of who she is, when she could actually be doing good if she were truthful about who Batwoman is under the suit,” Dries told The Hollywood Reporter.

“She’s going to come out and there’s going to be consequences.”

Batwoman is the Lesbian icon our screens need

Batwoman’s decision to come out as lesbian came after the public connected her with a handsome police officer. A hacker had also been threatening the superhero’s identity.

It was later revealed the hacker was a teenager who had been unwillingly outed to her parents by an ex-girlfriend.

The revelation caused the teen’s parents to disown her which in turn prompted Batwoman’s coming out.

“With Parker, the girl who pushes Kate to have Batwoman come out, I used my wife’s coming out story,” Dries said.

“A girl she was dating in high school got mad at her and called her mom and outed her. I felt like that was very relatable,

“It’s the idea of somebody who is not ready to come out yet, being weaponised against them.”

Kate and now Batwoman is the person that, obviously, I wish I had growing up.

Dries also said Ruby Rose became emotional after reading the script for the first time.

“She said she cried while reading it. I know it meant a lot to her,” she said.

Rose also had some opinions about the scene, suggesting areas it could be improved.

In the original script, Batwoman says “it doesn’t get better” but Rose took issue with that particular statement.

“Ruby wrote to me and said, ‘You know, a lot of people look up to this character and watch this show and they don’t want to hear the lead character say, ‘You’re right, it doesn’t get better.’”

So Ruby and the writers worked together to tweak the script in a way that conveys self-love and acceptance.

“It was personal to both of us, so we wanted to make sure we got it right.”

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