Ruby Rose: I Want To Have Babies!

As a young girl, Ruby Rose had saved “19 cents” to put towards gender reassignment surgery.

Now, at age 30, she is thankful she never kept collecting and went through with the procedure.


The Aussie Orange Is The New Black star has previously admitted that she wanted to transition from girl to boy as a child after questioning her gender identity.

However, while she considers herself gender fluid, she said she is glad she didn’t have the surgery as she wants to have children.

Ruby told The Edit magazine: “I’m a woman … I want to have babies one day, so I’m glad I didn’t make changes earlier in my life.”

In 2015, she explained: “I had this jar that I would collect dollars – in fact, we were so poor, it would have been cents. So I probably had 19 cents to go towards this surgery that I didn’t really know a lot about.

“I think I had seen like a daytime documentary, probably something on Oprah and I was like, ‘That’s what I’m going to do.’ And so I started saving from probably the age of 5.”

Ruby came out at the age of 12 as a lesbian, and was encouraged to experiment with her identity by her mother.

“Everyone had Barbies; I had ninja turtles and Superman … I was crazy about Archie comics. I played footie with the boys,” she said.

“All I wanted was a boy’s name growing up — Charlie, Billie, Max, Frankie. You just know my mum wanted a girly girl princess!”

Ruby, of course, is now a huge star on the world stage and is currently dating The Veronicas singer Jessica Origliasso.