RPDRDU Trivia: are you a superfan or here to f___ spiders?


Time for the RPDRDU Trivia Super Quiz. With the first series of Drag Race Down Under done and dusted, the fake fur continues to fly. Fans brook no criticism of the show for fear of missing out on a second season. But don’t worry. The only thing that will determine if we see a second season is whether or not the production made money.

Too soon?

Nah! Since when were drag shows immune from shade? Don’t get your tucking tape in a twist! Get out there and milk the Sacred Cow. Remember, if you can’t mock Drag Race, how in the hell you gonna mock anything else?

1. RuPaul was unable to appear live in drag on the first episode because:

A/ The dog ate her homework.

B/ New Zealand suffered a critical nationwide shortage of contour.

C/ Raven was stuck in quarantine.

D/ Ru was working with a voice coach on her Aussie accent. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Oi Oi Oi!

2. Scarlett Adams was most memorable for:

A/ Quiet unassuming modesty.

B/ A heartfelt apology for unforgivable behaviour.

C/ Her affection for sensible footwear.

D/ None of the Above.

3. Courtney Act, Drag Race alumni and Aussie icon, was mentioned how many times on RPDRDU?

A/ Countless

B/ Dozens

C/ Three

D/ Bugger All

4. Whose farewell message included the words “Now clean this mirror Bitch.”

A/ Jojo Zaho

B/ Maxi Shield

C/ Etcetera Etcetera

D/ Ginny Lemon

5. Please arrange in order the Top Four contenders on Snatch Game.

A/ Anita Wigl’It

B/ Anita Wigl’It

C/ Anita Wigl’It

D/ Anita Wigl’It

6. Who really won the Family Resemblance Maxi Challenge?

A/ Kylie and Dannii

B/ Lisa and Jess

C/ Olivia and Chloe

D/ Aunty Donna

7. In the Talent Show Extravaganza, Art Simone performed:

A/ Contemplative Mouth Acts

B/ Competitive A2M

C/ Contractual Mouth Organ

D/ Contemporary Mouth Art

8. Which episode tied with the All Stars 4 Finale as the worst fan-reviewed show in the herstory of the Drag Race franchise?

A/ Episode 2 Snatch Game

B/ Episode 4 Rucycled

C/ Episode 5 Marketing Hats

D/ Episode 7 Talent Show Extravaganza

9. Art Simone’s entry zinger in Episode 1, “We’re not here to f___ spiders,” translates as:

A/ I’ve got this in the bag.

B/ That means nothing!

C/ Where’s Elektra?

D/ I’m not here to f___ around.

10. Who was taking the piss in the yeast extract challenge?

A/ Maxi Shield

B/ Karen from Finance

C/ Etcetera Etcetera

D/ Suzanne Paul

Okay. I’ve looked at your answers and I’ve consulted with the judges but the final decision is mine.

Condragulations. You’re a winner, Baby.

Shantay, you stay.

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