RPDRDU Season 3: Whaddya think possums?

Rupaul's Drag Race Down Under Season 3 cast
Image: World of Wonder

So the first episode of RPDRDU Season 3 has landed as we all breathlessly wonder — will this season finally do us proud?

RPDRDU Season 3: the production

Three points about RPDRDU Season 3.

1/ Turn on the fcking lights!

Three seasons and still dingy unlit sections of the mainstage. If they keep saving on electricity at this rate, En Zed will reach Net Zero sometime next month.

2/ Bit nippy?

When did nipples become of such concern? Viewers quickly spot inconsistencies in judging and I’ll swear I’ve witnessed many a slipped nip go unremarked over the years.

3/ Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?

Dear World of Wonder, we know the show is made in New Zealand with a cast drawn from there and across the ditch. We don’t need a musical hodgepodge of clumsy rhyme to tell us that. Okay! Land Down Under is catchy, was incredibly popular back in the day, and still resonates in a nostalgic kind of way. But ‘Where women glow and men plunder?’ 

WTF is that about? 😖

And How the F does anyone perform a decent lip sync to it?

That song was a choice. A very wrong choice — and on the first episode of a season where we’re all again hoping for the show’s redemption.

Female singers from both Australia and New Zealand have recorded some bloody bonzer you-beaut wonderful songs over the years. Why not give the queens a decent chance to shine?

Who can possibly emote to ‘He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich’? 

RPDRDU Season 3: the queens

Without the queens, Drag Race would be little more than a wait to see if Ru was wearing a gown and if not, how short her skirt was.

I thought the queens showed promise. The costumes are a huge improvement on Season 2 and there are some interesting personalities.

Let’s hope the production side of things improves.

Because World of Wonder, we Anzacs are an optimistic lot and we have reason to hope now. When foreign friends smirk and inquire “What’s the go with RPDRDU?” we reply “Have you seen Belgium?”

So, please stop snatching our dreams.

Read what we thought of Season 2: No WOW in World of Wonder RPDR Down Under.

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