Royston Sagigi-Baira Queer Indigenous Wins Idol 2023

Royston Sagigi-Baira Queer Indigenous Wins Idol 2023

Guess what happened on Saturday? Royston Sagigi-Baira, this amazing Thanakwith and Wagadagam guy, totally rocked Australian Idol 2023 and won!

He’s just 24, from Mapoon in Cape York, and now he’s got $100,000 and a deal with Sony Music. Plus, he’s dropped a new single called ‘Invincible’.

So, he’s up there, about to perform ‘Invincible’ right after winning, right? And it starts off awesome, but then, bam! Technical glitch. He stops singing mid-way. He told us he thought he was messing up because the judges and other contestants were giving him these weird looks. He pulls out his in-ears and realizes the audience can’t hear a thing, but it’s all good on TV. Imagine that! He thought he’d messed up the lyrics or something. But nope, he just picked up and finished with a bang!

He’s super excited about heading to the States to start this new chapter in his music career.

He has big plans to work with some industry bigwigs and can’t wait to share his stories and give back to his community.

When we asked him for advice for young people who might be facing tough times like he did, he was all about being yourself.

He said in his community, there’s this thing about being ‘shamed’ for being different, but his message? “It’s totally fine to be unique and just ignore anyone who tries to put you down”. He admitted that he used to listen to those haters and almost stopped singing because of bullying, but he kept going. And look at him now!”

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