Royal Wedding Bishop Punishes Anti-Gay Clergy For Refusing Same-Sex Marriages

royal wedding bishop

The bishop who stole the show at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, Michael Curry, has smacked down an anti-LGBTIQ bishop who refuses to allow same-sex couples to wed.

Curry, the presiding Bishop of the US Episcopal Church, has placed a partial ban on New York Bishop William Love, who sent out a pastoral letter stating that he will refuse to follow a recently passed church resolution regarding same-sex marriages.


The resolution, that came into effect in December 2018, allows clergy the choice to perform same-sex weddings even if their Bishop is opposed.

In a controversial letter to parishioners, Bishop Love said that he will refuse to follow the resolution and plans to challenge its authority and legality.

“Satan is having a heyday bringing division into the Church,” Bishop Love wrote.

“To engage in sexual intimacy outside of marriage between a man and woman, is against God’s will and therefore sinful and needs to be repented of, NOT encouraged or told it is OK.”

But in a statement, Curry fired back, saying, “While I am persuaded of the sincerity and good will of Bishop Love in these difficult circumstances, I am convinced that Resolution B012 was intended by the Convention to be mandatory and binding upon all our dioceses.

“I am therefore persuaded that, as Presiding Bishop, I am called upon to take steps to ensure that same-sex marriage in The Episcopal Church is available to all persons to the same extent and under the same conditions in all Dioceses of the Church where same-sex marriage is civilly legal.”

In response to his ban, Love says that he will abide by the restrictions placed upon him but he has not changed his stance.