Rowling ally arrested: alleged doxxing of trans activist

Caroline Farrow doxxing
Image: Caroline Farrow Twitter

Surrey police last week arrested JK Rowling ally Caroline Farrow during an investigation into doxxing allegations. Farrow allegedly tweeted an image containing the address of trans activist and lawyer Stephanie Hayden.

Caroline Farrow is the UK campaign director of ultra-Catholic far-right lobby group CitizenGO. The anti-trans and anti-gay activist proudly boasts of her allergy to ‘non-biblical rainbows’ on her Twitter profile. She is married — to a Catholic priest — and has five children.

(Farrow’s husband converted from Anglicanism after their marriage. The Catholic Church sometimes allows the ordination of married protestant ministers who convert to Catholicism.)

Caroline Farrow previously achieved notoriety for complaining about publicity given to a pair of gay penguins at London Zoo.

Doxxing allegation

The current investigation began after Caroline Farrow tweeted a photo of a letter sent to her by Stephanie Hayden. The photo contained Hayden’s address and a caption misgendering her.

Farrow and Stephanie Hayden have a long history of animosity. In 2019, a judge issued an injunction against Caroline Farrow over a ‘barrage’ of tweets she directed against Stephanie Hayden. Mr Justice Bryan banned Farrow from mentioning Stephanie Hayden, and particularly from referring to her as male when she is legally female.

Stephanie Hayden also agreed to a request from the judge that she no longer mention Farrow.

It seems the detente did not last.

Stephanie Hayden recently complained to the police about Farrow tweeting her address and accusing her of being a pedophile and a stalker.

Allegedly, Farrow also posted a cartoon depicting Stephanie Hayden as a Nazi concentration camp guard.

Caroline Farrow denies posting the cartoons.

Playing the organ

“I was playing the church organ for the 11 am Mass at Holy Angels…

“Anyone who has played organ for Mass will understand that you cannot be playing on your phone and posting on the internet. It’s not just hymns but also the Mass setting.”

Farrow says the police arrived at her home to arrest her as she cooked a chicken dinner.

“One minute I am cooking some roast chicken for dinner, the next I am having my socks searched for drugs.”

She said her priest-husband videotaped the incident.

“When read my rights, and told that what I said could be used in evidence against me, I replied that women don’t have a 🍆.”

Police later released Farrow but say she remains under investigation.

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1 Comment

  1. Peter Turner
    10 October 2022

    What is it about trans women that upsets women and, in particular, some lesbians?
    Does the fact that they may,or may not, have a penis threaten them in some way?
    The LGBTQI+ Community that I belong to at least aspires to be an inclusive one.
    If some members of our community cannot live by that tenet then, in my opinion, it is they who don’t belong.
    Trans women are women and must have our support.

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