Rowdy Residents Of Adults-Only ‘Avenue Q’ Are Back In Brisbane

Avenue Q Brisbane Arts Theatre
Avenue Q at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. Photo: Supplied

At first glance Avenue Q seems like nice wholesome family fun.

It’s a stage show featuring quirky puppets, as well as lively song and dance. But wait a second… These grown-up imaginings of the lovable Muppets don’t only sing and dance.

They also fight and… um… have sex… live onstage. Definitely don’t bring the kids!

The show is designed for an adult audience and addresses issues such as racism, pornography, homosexuality and schadenfreude which – let’s face it – are not really great conversation starters during Little Lunch.

The puppets, along with a few humans along for the ride, face unemployment, relationship problems and addictions and you will never look at Sesame Street quite the same way again.

Avenue Q residents, Kate Monster and Trekkie Monster, the just-graduated Princeton, and Nicky and his best friend Rod (who is not gay) are all ready to entertain in this politically incorrect feast.

The show carries a disclaimer that it has not been authorised by the Jim Henson Company or Sesame Workshop, but you’ll work that out.

Brisbane Arts Theatre Artistic Director and Avenue Q’s director John Boyce smiles with fondness when asked why the company is producing another season of the show.

“The puppets have become part of the place,” he said.

“When they’re not on stage, they’re hanging out in our costume department reminding us not to be too fancy.”

This season is a return performance of Avenue Q, that the theatre says was prompted by audience demand.

Avenue Q has become a signature show for us, and the puppets are just another wonderful part of our community,” Boyce said.

The show is an absolute romping hysterical – and slightly screwed up – delight from beginning to end, with catchy songs and a very talented cast.

You’ll be thinking, “What the heck did I just see?” but that’s part of the fun. See it now – you won’t quite believe it.

Avenue Q is running at the Brisbane Arts Theatre now, until December 22. To book tickets, visit the Arts Theatre website.

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