Rocky Horror star Nell Campbell owns Angela Bishop in hilarious TV appearance

Rocky Horror Nell Campbell Angela Bishop

Nell Campbell is most famously known for her role as the tapdancing fiery redhead Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975.

Since then she has performed around the world.

Recently she stopped by Studio 10 for a chat with Angela Bishop that was all kinds of entertaining.

Nell Campbell and Angela Bishop talk Rocky Horror

What was intended as a friendly interview between the Rocky Horror star and host ended up a borderline roasting.

While a somewhat flustered Angela Bishop attempted to keep herself and her guest on track Nell Campbell was in fine form.

Whilst talking about the early days of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Bishop quizzed the star on how she got the role.

“Do I have to tell you again treasure, I slept with the director!” she laughed.

Nell continued with her fabulous attitude as the interview went on before the two reached the most awkward moment of the interview.

“Heads will roll!”

“Would you ever want to see Rocky Horror remade?” Angela Bishop quizzed the star.

In a moment of pure TV gold, Nell Campbell responded with a perfectly deadpan expression.

“It has been remade” she drawled.

Before a stunned Angela Bishop could reply Nell let loose.

“Oh darling, who’s your researcher? Treasure! Heads will roll! Heads will roll!”

A flustered Bishop attempted to claw her way back from the moment to no avail.

“When was it remade?” Bishop quizzed.

Nell however was having none of it.

“Darling, you’re sleeping with the enemy! This isn’t good!”

“They made a major remake of it about 5 years ago which I have not seen.”

Bishop continued to be left with her jaw agape looking for help that was not coming.

“Not only have you not seen it, but it was produced by the same man, Lou Adler produced it. For television.”

Things only got worse for Bishop as she tried to save herself again.

“Oh, do you mean the live production?” She flailed.

“No darling, it’s worse. Treasure, you’ve dug yourself a little bit deeper” she chastised.

Nell was of course referring to the 2016 remake featuring Laverne Cox, of which we do not speak.

Nell Campbell and Angela Bishop: Not in those shoes!

After somehow steering the conversation back on course, Angela Bishop thought she was in the clear.

Leading the interview to its conclusion she invited Nell Campbell up for a spot of dancing to entertain the live TV audience.

Yes, live television might have been a moment she forgot to remind her guest.

As they got up to practice Nell’s famous tap dance routine, she had something to say about Angela’s shoes.

“Why the hell you’re wearing those shoes I don’t know!” she screeched stopping the dance.

“Ladies,” Nell said addressing the screen.

“I would like to make an announcement to all women, in all countries in the world.”

“Stop it!”

“You don’t need to wear follow me home and f*ck me shoes ok!”

Finally, it was Bishop’s chance to take control of the situation.

“Oh Nell, we are live on air!” she said clutching her arm.

“We can’t even bleep, we gonna have to stop it there,” she instructed as the program quickly wrapped up.

All in all, it was almost the most awkward moment in Bishop family history, second only to the time Angela’s politician mother took a joy flight from Melbourne to Geelong on the taxpayer’s dime.

You can watch the full train wreck below.

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