Rocco Reed: from Gay4Pay Pornstar to Pastor

rocco reed pornstar to pastor

Joshua Broome, formerly known as Rocco Reed, reputedly appeared in over 1000 porn scenes during a career that lasted from 2006 until 2012. But now he’s gone from Gay4Pay pornstar to pastor after finding Hope and God.

Joshua Broome often mentions his porn past from that most modern of pulpits — his social media. However, he also spoke about it in a recent interview with the New York Post. He said he started in porn following a move to California when he was 23. Female friends told him it would help him become a movie star. Apparently, he believed them.

However, he suffered depression during his adult film career.

“I believed the lie that if I made money I would be happy. I made well over a million dollars — I travelled everywhere I wanted to go — I had all the sex I could have ever imagined. But once I had it all, my life fell apart, because it amplified the sorrow and emptiness I always felt inside…. I literally lost track of who I was. Everything was lies and fiction … I wanted to take my own life and didn’t have the guts to do so.”

Broome quit porn following six busy years and came out as heterosexual.

“My time in the adult industry in every aspect has now come to an end … I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay, just an adult performer. I am retiring not because of any other reason than its time to move on.”

Finding Hope, and God

He struggled with depression afterwards until he met a woman at the gym he worked at. He found Hope, then God — the woman’s name was Hope and she took him to church. There he found God.

Joshua Broome says Hope did not judge him for his Gay4Pay past and they later married and had kids.

In the meantime, Broome studied theology and made the transition from Gay4Pay pornstar to pastor.

He currently works as a pastor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and preaches around the country.

He, of course, uses his own past as a cautionary tale against the perils of porn.

“It’s so harmful. You are saying it’s okay to consume a person like a product, and if you treat people like products every aspect of your life is going to be detrimental.”

Those wishing to risk the detriment will find the movies by googling Rocco Reed.

Or you may wish to read about 84-year-old Norm Self who made the opposite transition — from pastor to pornstar.

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  1. Julian Gallimore
    10 April 2022

    This must be quite common based on the Vatican having the Biggest GAY Sauna steam bath in Europe.
    It’s States qlearly in the book. JESUS LOVES JOHN.

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