Zoolander 2

We waited 15 years for this?! Clearly under the impression that the more celebrity cameos you fill your screen with the funnier your project will be, Zoolander 2 crash lands into cinemas as a casualty of “comedy” delivering stale jokes and tired set-ups that, much like its characters, are well past their expiration date.

Adopting a similar ego-centric, narcissistic position to his model creation Derek Zoolander, Ben Stiller serves as writer, director and lead in this uneventful sequel that fails to deliver any of the humorous lunacy that earned its predecessor cult-like status. There’s a plot of sorts that involves a handful of recently deceased celebrity pop-stars and the supposed link they share with (the now self-exiled) Zoolander as their final moments have all involved them pulling their best “duckface” – a signature facial expression of Zoolander’s he so lovingly dubbed “Blue Steel”.

There’s a lot more going on besides figuring out why these stars are all being bumped off and how it brings Zoolander back to prominence but, honesty, none of it really matters as Stiller and co. have tried their hardest to cram in as much ridiculousness as possible, hoping the off-the-wall antics will be funny enough to distract audiences from the vapidity we’re witnessing on-screen.

It appears that everyone involved – which includes returning players Owen Wilson as sidekick Hansel and Will Ferrell as the maniacal fashion mogul Mugatu, as well as Penelope Cruz as a busty special agent and Kristen Wiig as an indecipherable Donatella Versace-esque magnate – is having a grand old time bouncing off each other, it’s just a real shame that none of it successfully transpired for our viewing pleasure.  Stick with the original, sadly this no.2 will only taint its legacy.

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