REVIEW: Rachel McAdams And Rachel Weisz Share Forbidden Love In ‘Disobedience’

lesbian drama disobedience

A beautifully crafted film that is sure to break your heart in the process, Disobedience honestly and respectfully explores forbidden love, one’s own faith, and the notion of free will.

When news travels to New York-based photographer Rhonit (Rachel Weisz) that her long-estranged father Rav Krushka, a beloved leader of an Orthodox Jewish congregation in London, has passed, she’s quick to return home, despite the lack of acknowledgement she received due to her shunning the community.

So extreme has her exile been that when Rhonit arrives she’s shocked to learn that her two childhood friends, Dovid (Allesandro Nivola) and Esti (Rachel McAdams), have married without informing her so.

It isn’t difficult to understand why this union stayed a secret from Rhonit, and when Dovid invites her to stay, the long repressed desire burning inside Esti is ignited and the two women engage in a sexually charged relationship that is evidently the purest love either women have known.

Writer/director Sebastian Lelio (who wrote the Oscar winning trans-centric A Fantastic Woman) draws such exemplary performances from his leading ladies, with the anguish of Weisz’s Rhonit and the torment of McAdams’ Esti burning so intensely throughout; the culmination of their desire results in a motel room tryst that is explicitly raw both visually and emotionally.

Disobedience never seeks to condemn the orthodoxy of faith either, rather there’s a recognition of its own values, and its ultimate message on the frailties of free will results in a film that is challenging, engaging and affecting.

Disobedience is playing in select cinemas now, including New Farm Cinemas and Palace Cinemas in Brisbane. Watch the trailer below:

Peter Gray
Peter Gray

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