REVIEW: QTC’s The Wider Earth Is A Visual Theatre Masterpiece

The Queensland Theatre Company’s production of ‘The Wider Earth’ is a stunning and ambitious masterpiece of visual theatre, in part due to the work of Brisbane company Dead Puppet Society’s remarkable creations.

The play is written and directed by Dead Puppet Society’s David Morton and follows a young Charles Darwin, played superbly by actor Tom Conroy, reimagining his real-life voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. The inquisitive Darwin studies previously undiscovered animal species and formulates theories about the evolution of the world around him and he must grapple with the ramifications of those discoveries on the foundations of both religion and scientific study.

The voyage is brought to life by a small but immensely talented group of human actors, some of whom perform double duties as both human characters and puppeteers controlling the dozens of beautifully-crafted puppets created by Dead Puppet Society.

The intricate puppets represent creature ranging in size from beetles to sharks to the hulking Galapagos tortoise, to help recount Darwin’s voyage that took him around the world. Gorgeous projections of starry skies, maps and landscapes above the stage help to sweep the audience up in the incredible globetrotting adventure.

The Wider Earth is running at the Queensland Theatre Company’s Bille Brown Studio in South Brisbane until August 7. For more information and tickets visit

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