REVIEW: ‘Life’ A Tightly-Paced Alien Thriller

Life (2017)

A taut game of cat and mouse between a living organism devising from Mars and the six-person-strong crew of an orbiting space station, ‘Life’ is a tightly-paced thriller that initially presents itself as the thinking man’s sci-fi actioner before descending into ‘Alien’-like territory, complete with a computer-generated creature that earns its place in the annals of deep space villains.

After successfully capturing a space probe returning from Mars with a sample inside that could allude to the existence of extra-terrestrial life, the crew aboard the ISS (International Space Station) – a genetically blessed lot that includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson – soon learn that their discovery is smarter than they anticipated, and it’s surpassing at an exceptional rate.


Whilst ‘Life’ doesn’t exactly surprise in terms of its plot structure and where it ultimately travels, there’s a great deal of fun to have along the way as the crew are picked off one by one in a variety of inventively brutal, though not overly graphic scenarios; to call the alien life form persistent would be an understatement.

Echoing the claustrophobic setting of ‘Gravity’ whilst harnessing its own identity as a serviceable science fiction horror outing, ‘Life’ proves a fate worse than death in this blatantly enjoyable slice of violent popcorn entertainment.

Life is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer below:

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