REVIEW: Josh Thomas’ refreshing new show ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’

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Everything’s gonna be okay… or is it? That’s the question being posed by Josh Thomas in his new TV show.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is the second offering from the Australian comedian. After the international success of Please Like Me and the accolades that followed, the pressure was on Thomas to create a stellar second offering. And he delivers.

Much like his first program, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay centres around Josh Thomas, but that is where the similarities begin and end.

This time round it’s not an autobiographical account, but rather an exploration of loss, love and life through the eyes of “Nicholas” (Thomas) a gay twenty something living between Australia and America.

Set against the backdrop of upper middle class suburbia Nicolas is preparing to fly home to Australia after an extended stay with his American father who had remarried when he was much younger.

Having fathered two more children, Matilda and Genevieve, who’s mother passed away eleven years prior his father is still part of his life.

Nicholas has established a relationship with his international family, which is all about to unfold. His father has terminal cancer.

So begins the journey of the characters as they are quickly forced to adapt to a new life.

As Nicholas’ father soon passes away he becomes the sole guardian to his teenage half sisters and is faced with a new life of responsibilities that none of them were prepared to face.

The story is told perfectly, it is a well crafted work that reflects Josh’s signature awkward-state-the-obvious comedy very gently against the canvas of grief and loss.

Supporting characters steal the show

Much like Please Like Me, Josh has assembled a cast of characters in Everything’s Gonna Be Okay that establish themselves as lovable and endearing storytellers who help make the show not just all about Josh.

His sisters are delicate, their emotions and subtlety is raw and they will make you equal parts laugh, cry and shake your head.

Older of the two sisters, Matilda (Kayla Croomer), is autistic, a character that could easily become the punch line for many jokes. However, she is anything but. This is perhaps assisted by the fact the actress herself is on the autism spectrum.

Matilda reflects the struggles of a self-confessed “high functioning” autistic teenager with a mixture of anxiety, passion and humour.

She’s in charge of the jokes, they are made by her and not about her. This creates a warm and inviting character that perfectly balances the show.

In the first episode alone, Matilda manages to seamlessly steal the show. If her father’s eulogy doesn’t make you laugh and cry, you’re dead on the inside.

Whilst they share similar characteristics the sisters are uniquely different and lovable.

Genevieve is fourteen years old, anxious, awkward and struggling to navigate high school, let alone a world with no parents.

Friends Tulula and Barb are both venomous and endearing respectively, both adding to her social discomfort and providing a place of emotional safety for her.

The character of Nicholas is quintessentially Josh Thomas, a character not dissimilar to his previous role. Nicholas is essentially an extension of Josh himself. Is that a bad thing? In this case, no.

Coupled with his on-screen boyfriend Alex the two offer a cute dynamic that folds seamlessly into the narrative.

Nicholas not only navigates his new life with his sisters but also a blossoming new relationship that has plenty to offer.

If the first three episodes are anything to go by we can definitely expect more than just one season from this refreshing and touching new show. Josh has again delivered a hit.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is available to stream on Stan.

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