REVIEW: Charming Romance In The London Countryside In ‘Hampstead’


One of those simplistic, mature-aimed comedy/dramas that is neither overtly emotional nor audibly hilarious, Hampstead simply exists to entertain its core audience.

Based on a true story, Hampstead focuses on the unusual plight of Donald Horner (Brendan Gleeson), a lonely man living in the wilderness on Hampstead Heath; for 17 years he has existed in a self-made container that he proudly calls his own despite the land being public property.

When developers wish to seize the land in a bid to build a series of luxury apartments, American widow Emily Walters (Diane Keaton) takes it upon herself to bring his situation to the courts so that he can claim the land as his own.

It’s unsurprising where the film leads in both its outcome for Donald and his relationship with Emily, but Gleeson and Keaton are well suited to their roles that the predictability of the film is forgiven due to its harmless nature. Keaton thankfully is void of any of the neuroticism that has plagued her last several thankless roles, and Gleeson makes for a charming brute of sorts, allowing the film to be a more viewable product.

There’s nothing particularly outstanding about ‘Hampstead’ but it’s perfectly sweet and inoffensive, and for older audiences seeking pleasant Sunday viewing, this British feature may prove an acceptable location.

Hampstead is in cinemas this Thursday (August 24). Watch the trailer below:

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