Review: Call Me Mother debuts a refreshing new take on Drag

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The world newest drag competition Call Me Mother has debuted on OutTV.

And it is just what Mother ordered.

Featuring three fabulous house mothers and 10 contestants this show is everything we needed right now.

Call Me Mother: A breath of fresh air

Earlier this year Qnews reported a new show, Call Me Mother would soon be airing worldwide.

Featuring Drag Race stars Peppermint, Crystal and Canada drag legend Babada the show looked promising.

Finally, the world can see what they are ready to serve and it is fierce!

The premise is vastly different to Drag Race which is entirely the point.

There’s a definite feel of reality about Call Me Mother from its contestants through to production.

Contestants are truly diverse, unique and there to learn, rather than being there with something to prove.

House Mothers provide a sense of warmth and family that shows like this desperately need.

Host Dallas Dixon provides a different element, a great bridge between contestants and judges that works seamlessly.

There’s no flashy workroom and no huge studio runway.

Everything about Call Me Mother makes you feel at home with the contestants and judges alike.

Call Me Mother is all about family

Unlike Drag Race, Call Me Mother is not entirely an individual competition.

In the opening episode, contestants are divided into three drag ‘houses’.

House of Dulcet is led by house mother Peppermint.

Crystal leads the house of Glass while Barbada leads the house of Harmonie.

Each house mother is responsible for guiding and mentoring their contestants, similar to The Voice.

However ultimately, each week the mother of the losing house is responsible for sending one of their own home.

One contestant will walk away with the $25,000 prize.

However, in episode one contestants must first compete for a spot in one of the houses.

Through three segments separated by looks, talent and a final chance round, contestants must prove themselves to be selected by a mother.

When a house mother is ready to choose a contestant they clack a big pink fan, of course.

A new generation of contestants

The contestants on Call Me Mother are diverse, quirky and extraordinarily talented.

Featuring not just drag queens, gender is out the window for this new program and it’s fabulous.

Fighting for the title are a range of contestants encompassing queens, kings, trans, gender diverse and two-spirit people.

The mix is refreshing and uplifting as the contestants are supported in exploring their own space and talents on the show.

The casting feels natural, not tokenistic, it’s a genuine look at what inclusive casting can look like on a drag show.

As for the contestants themselves? They’re lovely.

From the outset Call Me Mother is not setting the competition up as a catfight.

It’s a space for contestants to grow, develop and learn from each other and the house mothers.

Although both contestants and the mothers are ultimately competing against each other there is a strong feeling of solidarity amongst everyone involved.

Beyond episode one contestants and their mothers must work together each week to create a cohesive house look. One contestant is then selected to represent their house on the runway and must convince their mother to choose them.

The end result provides viewers with a chance to watch contestants and their mothers bond and work together beautifully.

Ultimately, Call Me Mother has delivered.

In a time when we are reaching the saturation point of other drag programs, this one hits the nail on the head.

Honest, refreshing and heartwarming, you’ll love every minute of Call Me Mother.

Call Me Mother is available in Australia via OutTV on Amazon Prime.

To access head to to update your subscription.

Watch the trailer below.

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