REVIEW: Aboriginal Women’s Choir Goes On Tour In Doco ‘The Song Keepers’


Following the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir on a tour through Germany, performing a repertoire of Lutheran hymns brought to Australia more than a century ago and translated into their own langue, The Song Keepers is a simple, lovingly-intended documentary that never quite reaches the depths its subject matter deserves.

There is noteworthy content peppered throughout, and the ladies themselves are given the chance to tell their own personal stories direct to camera, but there’s very little sense of conflict or suspense as their trip to Germany seems to go off without too much of a hiccup.


Only momentarily do we witness some panic when some of the choir members must race to obtain passports due to them never having left the country before.

The women involved are all beautiful souls, and there is no reason why their voices shouldn’t be heard, but it can’t help but be thought how much broader and more involving this feelgood account would be had writer/director Naina Sen tackled her subjects with more intimate intent.

The Song Keepers is in select cinemas now. Watch the trailer below:

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