Reuben Kaye’s ADULTS ONLY filthy frivolity: The Kaye Hole

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Get ready for a hot January as comedian and singer Reuben Kaye returns to Brisbane to host the award-winning The Kaye Hole, an ADULTS-ONLY night of filthy frivolity. QNews caught up with Reuben Kaye to find out more about the show that’s been playing to standing ovations from sea to shining sea.

Described as ‘the evil love child of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey’, Reuben said he suffered terribly as a child.

“Like all artists, I had a tragic upbringing. My father died in childbirth and my mother ran off before I was born. The spotlight called to me from an early age… It was only later I realised it was a policeman’s torch and he wasn’t calling me to be a star. He was telling me to put some clothes on and get out of that man’s van. I don’t want to say I was a slut so let’s just say I was a people person.”

But some people are born for stardom. Overcoming the grimness of his early life, Reuben Kaye went from rags to riches, transforming into one of the most glamourous and gorgeous creatures to ever grace a stage.

“If I don’t hear every straight man in the audience do an involuntary kiegel as I step onstage then I haven’t done my job. Although, funnily enough, the more I do the Kaye Hole, the less I wear… Now is that a threat or a tease? You be the judge.”

Queer, messy, fast, loose and f*%king hilarious

Never one to forget his roots, Reuben also delivers cutting commentary — queer, messy, fast, loose and f*%king hilarious. Did anyone ever suggest cutting the jokes and just singing?

“If they did, they wouldn’t survive. Also, remember that Glamour & Camp are inherently political (despite what Susan Sontag says). What’s not political about self-expression and the subversion of the ideals of masculinity and femininity? They’ve been stalwart weapons in the queer fight for liberation, equality and visibility.”

The Kaye Hole line-up

The critically acclaimed show promises a night like no other: Reuben Kaye’s stunning vocals backed by a live band along with performances from a smorgasbord of Brisbane’s wildest live acts.

Reuben told us what to expect in 2022.

“This year my STI screen will come back negative. Also, we have a stinking cast of acts right from the heart of Brisbane.

“Jacqueline Furey, feminist icon and known pyromaniac will be heating things up. Hope One, star of Hot Brown Honey is grabbing the mic and telling all the truths. The truly ridiculous Charlie Love is swinging everything he has as hard as he can and as far as he can. We have Ashleigh Roper whose body defies morality as well as physics. And star of the Valley, none other than Miss Luna Thicc will be stomping across the stage. And that’s just the ones I can tell you now!!

“Also, I’m pleased to reveal that we have a stonking headline act in the unbelievable showbiz icon that is Tina Del Twist. We’re bringing her up from Melbourne especially but don’t worry she’s double vaxxed and we shipped her up here in a tank of sanitiser… She did manage to drink most of it but she’s ok. It did cure her mange though.”

One of the most in-demand acts on the European Burlesque and variety festivals, Reuben headed home at the beginning of the pandemic. Is he looking forward to jetting off overseas?

“You know what? Given how the last shows went down in Brisbane at The Tivoli , you’re going to have trouble getting me on a plane back to Melbourne let alone to Europe. I’m moving into The Cremorne! (Please don’t tell them.) Do you know how expensive rent is in Brisbane these days?!”

Despite critics raving about The Kaye Hole, and awards flooding in, Reuben recently announced on Twitter an unrealised ambition — beatification. He desires sainthood. But what will Saint Reuben be the patron saint of?

“Douching. (Can you please send a copy of this magazine to my house? My mum can’t wait to read it.)”


Queer, messy, fast, loose and f*%king hilarious

Cremorne Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre

From 6 Jan 2022

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