Reuben Kaye dropped a dirty joke about Jesus on The Project

Comedian Reuben Kaye on The Project
Image: The Project

Gay comedian Reuben Kaye got a dirty joke about Jesus onto The Project on Tuesday night.

The camp comedian and singer appeared on the show to plug his Aussie tour and discussed with the panel the comments he gets on social media over his sexuality and his drag, especially from religious folk.

“The audience in the room is normally very supportive,” Reuben explained.

“But online, once they have the anonymity of a screen behind them, is where you get some real gems,” he said.

“I get a whole bunch on TikTok coming at me from a religious angle, right? Which I think is hilarious because queer people, LGBTQIA+ people, predate any idea of God.

“We’re present in the animal kingdom. If you go prior to the Cambrian explosion, I’m sure there were two amoebas listening to Lady Gaga, doing poppers and banging away.

“So, I think it’s hilarious when someone messages me and says, ‘you have to accept Jesus’s love or you will burn in hell’.

“Because I love Jesus. I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more.”

Reuben Kaye ‘s joke left The Project‘s studio audience laughing but co-host Waleed Aly in stunned silence.

But some weren’t happy, calling for the show to be axed, with one person tweeting, “Would be nice to see an apology for the insulting comments made about Jesus.”

Another wrote, “You owe the public an apology and furthermore, this horrible program cancelled.”

But somebody else wrote, “People losing their MINDS over @ReubenKaye on The Project doing some Jesus gear. It’s FUNNY. Grow up.”

Reuben Kaye was on The Project to plug his upcoming tour Live And Intimidating.

He’s at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April, as well as the Perth Comedy Festival and Brisbane Comedy Festival in May.

“I want to poke the bear,” Reuben said of his comedy.

“I’m so thickly spread around this country that I might as well be systemic racism.”

Watch the full chat below:

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Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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  1. Alex
    1 March 2023

    Why apologise???? Do religion apologise for all the hurt they cause???

  2. Michael
    3 March 2023

    Waleed could hear the over entitled shock engineers working overtime to cue up the usually predictable bachlash that was to sweep over faster than any tsunami ! He was not wrong was he? THE sanctified bullies are ALWAYS the ones to cry, screech & scream loudest whenever The Nerve is found to express an alternative perspective! Ruben has Minus ZERO to apologise for, as does The Project for having him on there. If nothing else gave the xenophobes at Sky news bonus entitlement to relentlessly vilify Mr. Ally with more thinly veiled racism bollocks! Hope if it rates a mention on next week’s Media Watch, Paul Barry will dismiss the confected outrage for tiresome bore as THE greater true offence once again!

  3. Declan McGrath
    9 March 2023


    What more proof do we need that it’s time for ‘The Project’ to finally hang up its’ collective microphones?

    The Project previously hailed itself as “News Delivered Differently’. That it was, then, but now, no longer.

    The programme has been overtaken by more conservative, pseudo-intellectuals presenters, such as Walled Aly, who’s only stance seems to be to promote his personal self-righteous, biases.

    The final straw for The Project was undoubtedly Lisa Wilkinson’s sensationalising and interfering in the Britney Higgins case.

    The most recent “Project” controversy when comedian Rueben Kaye allegedly upset “people of faith” , “our Muslim but especially our Christian viewers” was followed by another grovelling apology by Walled. Not sure which was more cringeworthy, the actual joke or Waleed’s pathetic apology.

    Clouded by overwhelming political correctness, the Project team seem to have overlooked the fact that when your guest is a comedian, they are likely to tell jokes, even risqué ones. And, surprise, surprise when you get an overtly gay comedian on the show, his material is likely to have sexual content in line with his own sexual preferences. This is textbook Political Correctness – only people of colour can make jokes about people of colour, therefore only gay people can make jokes about gay practices. What’s the issue?

    I was raised in Catholic Ireland when Catholicism ruled the roost, but did not find this joke offensive in any way. Many religions including Christianity have very disturbing histories of sexual deviance and violence. You may have heard of the Crusades – if not Google it. Some estimates say that 1.2 billion people died as a result of Islam. Christianity, after inquisitions, Christian on Christian wars, persecution of Jews, mass murders, purges, ethnic cleansing , crusades and murders in Christian institutions could be responsible for 100,000,000 deaths!

    This really puts Reuben’s joke into context. No one died in the making and delivering of this joke.

    Selective bias is not uncommon on The Project. Let’s recall Benjamin Abbatangelo’s sensationalist comment previously on the programme “Stop Killing Black Fellas’.
    I did not see Walled jumping in to apologise to white Anglo Saxons, such as myself, who may or may not be related to Captain Cook and his dastardly band of white western Colonisers.

    Why is it that in today’s world everyone is creating micro communities, cocooning themselves in their own niche biases and beliefs, marginalising themselves and then taking offense when others recognise their marginalisation?

    Comedy is a hard business today under the iron hand of the PC Police (PCPC!) but yet laugher is still recognised as a great panacea.

    The best jokes from my childhood and early teens always began with “an English Man, and Irish Man and a Scots Man walked into a Bar.” How perfectly politically incorrect was this. In one fell swoop we have stereotyped three races, insulted teetotallers and Muslims. And who knows it may well have been a Gay Bar so there’s another denigration. And what about the sexual orientation of the aforementioned men, who knows? Why did these jokes not include women? Probably because there were at home making the racially profiled man’s dinner, doing the ironing and looking after his progeny.

    It’s fictitious and it’s funny, LOL!

  4. Dave
    24 April 2023

    Well said, Declan.

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