RETARTED: Caitlyn Jenner proud to reclaim slur

trans judas caitlyn jenner retarted

In her rush to support the Trump clan, Caitlyn Jenner boasted this week that despite current social standards, she would still use the slur “RETARTED”.

Jenner made the ironic spelling error while supporting Donald Trump Jr having a whine about the Biden administration on X. Donnie Jr complained about the social embargo on a slur once commonly used to describe people with intellectual disabilities.

“I know you’re not allowed to use the R-word that was a big part of our vernacular growing up if you’re my age, but there has to be exceptions, right???”

“Because this is f&$king re$?&;ed! How much do the democrats hate the world? Do they ever learn?”

“I’ll say it RETARTED!” tweeted Jenner.

retarted caitlyn jenner

After commenters mocked Jenner for the mistake, she doubled down. The former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star complained about people focusing on her tweet when there are bigger problems in the world – and she used the slur again, this time spelled correctly.

But, sadly for Jenner, many of the responses demonstrated how little sympathy remains for someone who in the end proved to be themselves without empathy for their fellow human beings.

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