Religious Entitlement: Samsung drops drag queen ad

samsung religious entitlement

Samsung Singapore dropped an ad showing a Muslim mother demonstrating her love and support for her drag queen son because – of course – of religious entitlement.

After all, for some, religious freedom’s just another word for…

…shitting on other people.

Activists grabbed the video before its removal and reposted it online. Scroll down to see it before it disappears.

The Samsung ad

The ad promoted various Samsung wearable products: noise-cancelling earbuds and a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor.

People in the ad listened to messages from loved ones on Samsung devices. One was a Muslim woman wearing a traditional headscarf. She listened to a message from her son as footage showed him at a makeup mirror preparing for a drag show.

“You are just unbothered having people looking or judging you differently, having a son that does drag,” he says in the message.

Religious entitlement kicked into overdrive in a flash and Samsung consequently copped backlash from sections of the Singaporean Muslim community.

A typical post on Facebook read, “Samsung Singapore, This advertisement has many wrongs. You are putting the Muslims community here in a bad spotlight – when it’s wrong in Islam it will always be wrong.”

Samsung later pulled the video from all its social media platforms.

They posted on Facebook at the time, “We acknowledge that we have fallen short in this instance.”

However, Samsung social media now appears scrubbed of any comment on the issue.

Religious entitlement

That hasn’t stopped the Singaporean LGBTIQ+ community from broaching the subject of religious entitlement.

“Imagine being offended and threatened by a mother’s love for her child,” said one poster on Instagram.

Drag performer Vyla Virus who appeared in the video with her mother posted to Instagram to reassure followers he and his mum were well.

“I’m not going to talk about the comments that said. It was all about a mother’s love in that video, nothing else was mentioned.”

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