Where To Get Your Skin Rejuvenated The Way It Deserves

Australian Skin Clinics

This week I had my first ever High Performance Microdermabrasion treatment, a 10-step process exclusive to Australian Skin Clinics. Not only did I come out with amazing skin but I learnt so much!

I discovered that the skin is the largest organ of the body. This may seem obvious, but most of us take for granted that like an iceberg, the surface of the skin is literally just that – an external reflection of the processes underneath, with tissue, blood vessels and follicles all vulnerable to sun, dirt and a dehydrating environment.

Australian Skin Clinics are the leading experts in rejuvenating your skin, bringing it back to life with their specialist processes and leaving you feeling fantastic, too.

Never having had microdermabrasion before, I was first struck by the atmosphere at Australian Skin Clinics, the shining white of the counters and walls offering a reassuring professionalism. Unlike most clinics, this aesthetic wasn’t sterile, offset by the warm friendliness of the staff.

Upon entering my treatment room, this demeanour went beyond courtesy, my technician explained to me in detail both the procedure steps and their purpose and outcomes. I felt fully informed by her thorough explanation; I was really learning about my skin, its importance and the benefits of the 10-step treatment!

Starting with a cool cleanse of my face, stress and the day’s collected residue were washed away together. The gentle conversation put me at ease as my technician soothed my skin with a scrub and mask. A sucker for a sauna, the following anti-oxidising steam was my favourite part of the treatment.

As the technician explained that our pores don’t ‘open’ and ‘close’ the way we assume, I could feel the gentle warm massage of the steam easing the elasticity, readying me for microdermabrasion. A peel loosened dead skin and then the diamond-tipped microdermabrasion stimulated and exfoliated my skin, vacuum-sucking the released debris and leaving a glowing tingle in its wake.

Of every step, the following extraction hurt the most, the hooked nib doing its job (like the hook pulling hair through a cap for highlights) to extract blackheads and blockages.

But no pain, no gain; this is the sensation of toxins leaving the skin and my technician was as gentle as possible, focussing on results and even showing me the extent of clogging my poor pores had been enduring!

A customer of Australian Skin Clinics undergoes microdermabrasion treatment

It was all worth it for the pumpkin peel that came next though! The beautiful aroma of Christmas pies filled the clinic and spread so warmingly on my face, it took all my strength not to lick my lips!

After a quick spray, relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage below my eyes, the treatment ended with an application of recovery cream and a protective UV SPF50+ sunscreen. I left the clinic feeling rejuvenated, my face tingling with a pure cleanliness.

The care wasn’t over there though; I even received a thoughtful call the next day checking on my results – now that’s service! As a recommendation, though, the process isn’t just relaxing, nor merely cosmetic. The cleansing glow reflects the quality health and care of the skin a technician has achieved.

Australian Skin Clinics specialise in their exclusive 10-step High Performance Microdermabrasion process, but they provide a range of services in skincare and cosmetic treatments, including injectables for anti-ageing and filler, micro-needling, LED light therapy and laser for both the skin and hair removal.

I even discovered that many clinics also offer CryoDefine Fat Freezing, which is non-surgical liposuction to freeze away those stubborn areas of fat on the tummy and love handles. Australian Skin Clinics is simply the gift that keeps on giving!

A customer of Australian Skin Clinics undergoes microdermabrasion treatment

It’s not all just on face value though, they treat real medical conditions such as acne, scarring and sun damage – crucial for those who take the power and strength of the Australian sun on exposed skin for granted.

I couldn’t recommend Australian Skin Clinics highly enough. With branches all over Australia, you’re bound to find a local Australian Skin Clinics in your area to meet your skincare, injectable and laser hair removal needs.

The service quality, care and above all, the thorough learning process I experienced thanks to dedicated knowledge of my technician means I’ll definitely be returning to Australian Skin Clinics. You really need to go there to experience the Australian Skin Clinics difference yourself.

Australian Skin Clinics has 18 clinics around Queensland with free consultations available with their medical doctors and nurses. Visit their website here or call 1300 303 014.

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