Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue Casey Mcquiston

The search for Prince Charming always seemed like a thing of fairy tales for Alex Claremont-Diaz. But then again, Alex lives in a world far removed from reality in Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston.

Walking the walls of the white house, Alex is the son of America’s first female president. Alex is a confident LatinX youth with divorced parents. This couldn’t be further from the traditional first family, naturally the eyes of the world on them. Alex must make every decision in a calculated, calm and rational manner. He must keep everything under control.

Until one royal wedding changes it all.

An English Prince

The long-standing tension between Alex and Henry, an English Prince leads to a very public altercation. Who would have thought the accidental destruction of a royal wedding cake could cause so much fuss?

Suddenly all eyes are on the relationship between America’s first family and the royal family.

In an attempt to repair the public image between the two families Alex and Henry are forced to reconcile publicly. So begins their international show of diplomacy and mateship for all the world to watch. But what began as a rivalry will quickly become anything but as the two young men discover something far greater exists between them.

What follows is an equally entertaining, uplifting and heartwarming love story. Set amongst the backdrop of a modern world, but hindered by the traditions and limitations of their families Alex and Henry must navigate how to make this work, whilst keeping it secret from everyone.

The White House Trio

Thankfully this is not a journey Alex has to take alone. Joining him in the White House are his sister June and family friend, Nora. Together they are the White House Trio. A formidable group of smart, switched-on youth ready to take on the world, or so they think. The relationship between the three of them is the glue to this story. Their biting honesty and sharp wit ensure they keep each other honest, accountable and ready for anything.

The president’s Chief of Staff Zahra is a sharp, biting, take-no-prisoners whip cracker who punctuates the story with the perfect amount of humour and unbridled rage when things don’t go as planned.

Secret emails and text messages between Alex and Henry litter the pages as the reader is drawn deeper into their love story. Passions run high as the two young men soon realise this is more than just a fling. Sooner than they realise the lovers will be faced with a choice of whether to make things work or run and hide in the shadows of tradition.

Red, White & Royal Blue is an entertaining and captivating modern queer love story. Written sharply, Casey McQuiston captures the energy and confidence of the next generation of queer youth. Her characters a loud, lively and insightful, carrying the story with humour, joy and sorrow in equal measures. Alex and Henry’s story is one you won’t want to see end.

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  1. Colin Hauville
    7 February 2022

    I love reading, and borrowed this book from my local library. What a disappointment. I couldn’t get past half way. What a trite, ridiculous, poorly-written novel. Awful! Don’t waste your time!

  2. Clay Serenbetz
    8 February 2022

    I enjoyed reading “Red, White and Royal Blue” by McQuiston

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