Real estate agent’s homophobic tirade at waiter caught on video

Screenshots from video of real estate agent Mahin Abedin abusing cafe worker in Sydney
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A Sydney real estate agency boss has been filmed hurling homophobic slurs at a waiter in an aggressive tirade at a café.

Mahin Abedin is managing director of Innerwest Property in Sydney’s Homebush.

Abedin has been identified as the man in an online video, calling the waiter a “f___ing f____t” and a “d___head” in the homophobic tirade.

“Absolute f____t. Look at his eyes. You’re messing with the wrong person,” the real estate agent is heard saying.

In the video, filmed last Wednesday (September 28), the waiter calls police for help during the aggressive confrontation.

The waiter tells police he has “a very abusive person in my dad’s café calling me a f___ot”.

Abedin, who is within earshot, tells the waiter to relay to police he’s “also calling you a d___head”.

The waiter tells police that Abedin is “just screaming obscenities”.

The man’s rant at the waiter was filmed by another café worker and posted online.

Sydney waiter ‘shaken’ after man’s homophobic rant

The waiter told that the incident left him “in shock” and “really shaken”. He said he was anxious and fearful of returning to work and Abedin returning.

“[After the] scene at my family’s workplace for 15 minutes, I was lost for words,” he said.

“I kept asking him to leave. He would not leave. I just don’t want that to happen to me ever again.”

Abedin (below) told he apologised for the homophobic comments however said he was provoked.

“I can’t comment on this matter as it is part of legal proceedings,” he said in a statement.

“I apologise for my comments but I was distressed after being touched inappropriately and having cleaning chemicals sprayed on me by him.”

Mahin Abedin, managing director of Innerwest Property in Sydney
Image: Facebook

Waiter’s brother later confronted Mahin Abedin

The argument erupted after the waiter sprayed the hand of Abedin while cleaning the café’s outside tables. But the waiter denied “touching” the real estate agent.

“No-one was touched, I didn’t grab anyone… I just came inside,” the waiter told the Daily Mail.

“The next thing I know he’s inside saying, ‘Why the f__k did you spray my hand?’ and putting his fist in my face, saying he was going to smash my face.”

He told the Mail that Abedin launched into the 15-minute rant, continuing to hurl slurs even after the worker called the police.

After the aggressive confrontation, the waiter’s brother went to the café.

Later, the brother went to Abedin’s office in Homebush and confronted Abedin over the incident in the café.

Waiter’s brother facing court after confronting Abedin

NSW Police have now served the café worker’s brother with a restraining order, and a court attendance notice for assault.

“On Wednesday 28 September 2022 officers from the Auburn Police Area Command commenced an investigation into an alleged incident [at the Homebush restaurant],” a spokesperson said.

“Police have been told a patron and an employee became engaged in a verbal altercation and the incident was reported to police.

“Later the same day police will allege a 38-year-old man attended a business on Burlington Road at Homebush where he allegedly assaulted another man.

“Following investigations police served a 38-year-old man with an apprehended domestic violence order and a field court attendance notice for assault.

“He is expected to appear at Burwood Local Court on October 6.”

The NSW Police spokesperson said inquiries are continuing.

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