WATCH: Raw Chicken Feud Nearly Cooks Chances of X Factor Hopefuls

A feud over a raw chicken meal almost cooked the chances of X Factor UK hopefuls Ottavio Columbro and Bradley Hunt.

They had planned to perform as a duo, but dressed as a skimpy toy soldier, 24-year-old Ottavio entered the audition room alone, performing Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.


However, he was stopped mid-performance, before confessing: “I auditioned with my friend Bradley, and we had a massive argument over chicken.

“He cooked me some chicken, and when he gave it to me, it’s all pink. I don’t want salmonella! But I really miss him.”

Bradley explained that he didn’t leave the chicken cooking long enough because he was hungry.

“When I gave it to him… like, he could have said thanks though still. I know it was undercooked but I still tried.”

After Bradley’s solo performance of R Kelly’s Ignition had also fallen flat with the judges, they insisted on the pair healing their rift and performing together.

So after “kissing and making up”, they returned to audition together with the Pussycat Dolls song Buttons and won over judges Sharon Osborne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger, winning a place in the next round.

Appearing on the Morning Show, the pair confirmed that they have never been an item but admitted they argue like an old couple.

Ottavio said: “The chicken pushed me over the edge. We bicker quite a lot, the banter is like our energy drink.”

CLICK HERE to see how it all unfolded or watch the video below:

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