Randy Rainbow totally ABBA’s Giuliani with Mamma Mia parody

randy rainbow abba mamma mia Giuliani

Randy Rainbow is always funny but he’s outdone himself with his latest parody. Randy takes on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani in a parody of ABBA’s iconic hit Mamma Mia.

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While the impeachment investigation throws up revelation after revelation, it seems to constantly return to Rudy Giuliani. The former New York mayor already gave indications of possessing a strange idea of truth. However, the Ukraine scandal causes one to wonder what planet he’s on.


Never mind – Randy Rainbow rescues us from the morass of American politics with a superb parody.

Yesterday he released his latest video,  Giuliani! (Here He Goes Again), a parody of ABBA’s huge 1970s hit Mamma Mia.

Randy starts the video interviewing Giuliani about his role in the ongoing Ukraine/Joe Biden saga.

Before long Randy tires of Giuliani’s carry-on and bursts into song.

Giuliani, here you go again,

Lie, lie, how can we believe you?

Giuliani! (Here He Goes Again)

Then Randy Rainbow changes into a classic 1970s ABBAesque jumpsuit to continue the parody.

Sit back and watch him ravin’,

He’s digging his own grave and,

Why, why’s there so much he never knows.

Randy Rainbow began his online career by creating fake phone calls with celebrities using audio clips.

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, he began making musical parodies mainly focussed on Donald Trump. The parodies proved popular and Randy now enjoys a large following.

Recently American audiences at least got the chance to see Randy Rainbow perform in the flesh rather than on YouTube with his show Randy Rainbow Live.

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