Rainbow garden gnomes inspire anger and jokes

rainbow garden gnomes

Police kicked a man out of an Asda store in Plymouth England after he threw a giant tanty over Rainbow Pride garden gnomes. And then the internet took over.

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The tantrum took place after the man took offence at the rainbow-themed garden gnomes for sale in the store. A witness said the man became loud and abusive ranting about gnomes not having gender or sexuality.

Asda first sold the rainbow garden gnomes in 2017 to coincide with Pride celebrations. A post on their Facebook page from 2017 now has 6,700 comments, many from people desperate to get their hands on the gnomes for their garden.

People messaged the company desperately in search of a store with the gnomes available. Others sent relatives to stores across the UK in search of the things. Some talked of making three visits to a nearby store only to find the gnomes sold out. Poor darlings.

Do Asda rainbow garden gnomes support LGBTIQ charities

However, comments asking about the proceeds of the gnome sales go unanswered on the page .


Now, the fact is, some people take an active dislike to gnomes.

Mary Tudor claimed the only reason to place a gnome in the yard was to scare away children, neighbours and good taste.

raonbow garden gnomes

Paul Cameron then asked if this also worked for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

raiinbow garden gnomes

Paul makes a good point. QNews spoke to a man in Kangaroo Point who placed a rainbow flag near his front  door to dissuade elderly folk bearing Watchtower magazine from knocking.

It worked.

However the poor man ended up worn out from the increased visitation by young missionaries on push bikes wearing crisp white shirts and ties.

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