Rainbow Families and Early Childhood Australia collaborate to champion Family Diversity

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In a positive stride towards a more inclusive society, Rainbow Families and Early Childhood Australia (ECA) have joined forces to introduce an innovative, professional development opportunity.

This initiative is set to equip early learning educators with the tools they need to confidently discuss family diversity, while building a culture of acceptance in early learning centers, nationwide.

Empowering Educators to Cultivate Understanding

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is the peak early childhood advocacy organisation acting in the interests of young children, their families and those in the early childhood field. The organisation has developed a comprehensive, free, online training course in collaboration with Rainbow Families and will be available through the Early Childhood Australia Learning Hub.

The course is designed to empower educators to become confident in educating children about family diversity, including LGBTQ+ parented families with sensitivity and openness. By integrating family diversity education into their practices, educators will play a pivotal role in creating a future generation that embraces differences and acknowledges every family’s unique makeup.

What will it mean for Rainbow Families?

“We’re delighted to launch this training in partnership with ECA,” Ashley Scott, Executive Officer of Rainbow Families, said.

“Thanks to this ground-breaking professional development available to early learning educators, our families will feel more comfortable as they are celebrated in early learning centres across the country.”

“We look forward to seeing the next generation of children growing up knowing that being different is ok and that families come in all shapes and sizes.” he said.

Scott Brunelle, Project Development Officer – Early Childhood and Education and Care, further emphasizes the need for this initiative.

“We’re reminding people that by educating children around diversity and inclusion while they’re young, children from diverse families will experience less disadvantage and discrimination during their childhoods.

“Educators will become familiar and confident in how to educate children about the diversity of families and when all children are made aware that all families are different in their own way, there’s an opportunity to make a significant impact on reducing discrimination.

“That’s ultimately what we want to achieve with this collaboration; every child should feel accepted for who they are, regardless of their family structure.”

Scott underscores the power of education in creating a brighter future for all young children.

“We know historically through teaching about diversity that children learn to celebrate differences, and diversity is part of what makes Australia such a wonderful place to live.”

Being a pivotal part of Social Change

Shae Helen, General Manager Professional Learning at Early Learning Australia said of the collaboration, “Early Childhood Australia is thrilled to join Rainbow Families to launch the new ‘Beyond the Rainbow: Making a Difference for All Families’ online course. This continues our ongoing partnership with Rainbow Families which includes the popular ‘Family Diversity Resource Packs’ for young children. 

‘Beyond the Rainbow: Making a Difference for All Families’ explores family diversity in an education and care setting, a principle that has recently been expanded in revised Approved Learning Frameworks. Children from diverse families, including those with LGBTQ+ parents, often experience increased disadvantage and discrimination. This course supports educators to design inclusive and welcoming environments and learning opportunities where every child’s unique family experience is valued, celebrated, and embraced.”

How to get involved:

Register your interest here via our Rainbow Families website.

Click here to access the free course at Early Childhood Australia.

About Rainbow Families:
Rainbow Families is a pioneering organization dedicated to promoting understanding, acceptance, and equality for children of LGBTQ+ parents. Through innovative initiatives and partnerships, Rainbow Families is making strides in creating a more inclusive society.

About Early Childhood Australia (ECA):
Early Childhood Australia is the peak early childhood advocacy organization that acts in the interests of young children, their families, and those in the early childhood field. The organization is committed to promoting high-quality early learning for all children.

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