Quick Tips to Naturally Support Your Immune System

immune system

The human body’s immune system is our main form of defence against pathogens and viruses that is constantly
working in the background to keep our health in check.
When we fall sick, our immune system kicks into action to kill foreign bodies in an attempt to return the body to a state
known as homeostasis.
You can think of homeostasis as the balanced state of our body’s vital health systems and chemicals, and the immune system is the main tool to keep our bodies in a positive state of homeostasis.
What you might not know, though, is that there are some simple yet effective means of fortifying our immune system; let’s unpack them.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising on a frequent basis not only helps to boost the production of your immune system’s most vital tools- white
blood cells. It can also help to alleviate the physical toll of stress, which is a major contributor to illness and reduced
immune efficiency.
Physical activity has been found to clear bacteria from our respiratory system, accelerate white blood cell production
and even stimulate cellular immunity, so don’t underestimate how a little exercise can go a long way when it comes to
your immune system.

Optimise Your Gut Microbiome

We’re constantly discovering new ways that the microbiome inside our gut has a huge influence on our health and
wellbeing. This very much extends to the health of our immune system, and its ability to provide a state of homeostasis.
The easiest way to improve your gut health is to avoid processed foods and trans fats and reduce your intake of
alcohol, sugar, dairy and gluten that can cause inflammation.
Great foods to incorporate into your diet in this context are apples, vegetable fibre, psyllium husk, garlic, onions and
fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi.

Try an Infrared Sauna

There is a growing body of medical evidence to suggest that infrared saunas are a great way to support our physical
fitness, fortify our immune system and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
As you sit inside an infrared sauna, your body is exposed to infrared light that causes your body temperature to rise,
which triggers your body to sweat in an attempt to regulate its temperature.
This sweating reaction is a form of your body’s homeostasis, in addition to additional oxygenated blood flow throughout
your body, which can be a great way to boost your immune system with nutrient-rich blood.

In essence, the light that you’re exposing your body to is converted to heat which stimulates energy production on the
cellular level.
The result of this added energy provides your body with more fuel to create healthy and illness-fighting white blood
cells, which helps to strengthen your immune system.
Some of the best, infrared saunas on the market today are coming from Clearlight, a German/Australian company
aimed at pioneering the health and wellness industry.

Intermittent Fasting

Regulating your food intake, otherwise known as intermittent fasting has also shown promising signs when it comes to
supporting the immune system.
This often comes in the form of skipping some meals to ensure that food is not ingested at certain times of the day to
restrict your ‘eating times’ to around eight hours of the day.
Research has found that restricting food intake when done appropriately and safely, can help to kick-start the immune
response and the production of white blood cells.
This can also activate what’s known as autography, which allows your immune system to get a crystal clear picture of
your cells, to better identify any pathogens or viruses that need to be killed.

Stay Hydrated

It can be difficult to keep up with just how much water our bodies require on a daily basis, particularly if you’re busy at
work or juggling parental responsibilities.
As a general rule, the male body needs 3.5-litres, or 15 cups of water per day, while the female body requires 2.7-litres
of water, or around 11 cups. Keep in mind that if you’re exercising, you’ll need even more.
Water is perhaps the most important building block for our immune systems, and it helps to carry oxygenated blood
through our bodies and keeps our vital organs operating in a healthy state of homeostasis.

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