The Brisbane Powerhouse will this week stage some beautifully touching pieces of theatre with the touching LGBT production Heavenly Bodies playing alongside Beautiful Souls. (For the review- CLICK HERE)

It takes quite an effort to shock Brisbane playwright Sven Swenson, but Germaine Greer has managed to do precisely that through her recent comments about the transgender community.


“The need to drive wedges through humanity seems irresistible for far too many people. I’ve been enormously inspired by Germaine Greer at times and equally appalled by her at others” says Swenson.

One of the characters in Swenson’s upcoming play Heavenly Bodies is transgender. Set in Singapore in 1942, Laidie is seeking her place within the world.

Pic: CG Photography Brisbane
Pic: CG Photography Brisbane

‘Cutty’ is deeply in love. His pregnant wife Ruby is the only girl he’s ever held in his arms and in a perfect world, that’s the way Cutty would keep it for all time. But in Singapore, 1942, the world is far from perfect. Cutty, who has never yet fired a rifle, is granted a short furlough. With Singapore falling, he knows the time is given to taste a life expected to be cut short. In a makeshift bordello, he finds Laidie. As bombs ravage the world outside, these two frightened compatriots forge a profound bond of acceptance and compassion.

Pic: CG Photography Brisbane
Pic: CG Photography Brisbane

“As a rural child of the Sixties, I grew up hearing Greer’s name virtually spat out as if it was a profanity. My response was along the lines of “But hold on; she only wants a world where everyone is treated as equal, where it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you get the same rights, respect, dignity and opportunity.” It seems now I misinterpreted what Germaine stood for. I still love the vision she inspired in me though. I still hope we can eventually sort ourselves out to a point where, regardless of our variations, it’s our common humanity that matters. Too many people use their voices to tribalise us all.”

Pic: CG Photography Brisbane
Pic: CG Photography Brisbane

“There have been people throughout history who have felt they were born the wrong gender and were agonised by it and persecuted for it. Why, in these supposedly enlightened times, would we want to perpetuate that?”

Swenson’s Heavenly Bodies plays together with Beautiful Souls at the Brisbane Powerhouse, November 18-28. Tickets available CLICK HERE or phone 07 3358 8600


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