Queer Radio – celebrating 29 years of diversity at 4ZZZ

Queer Radio

Since 1978, 4ZZZ has continually presented programs in support of the broader queer-identifying community. This weekend the station’s Queer Radio celebrates its 29th birthday.

On 30 September 1992, 4ZZZ’s weekly lesbian and gay program Gay Waves changed in both format and name. The Wednesday night show turned to a three-week cycle with shows designed to specifically cater for various groups within the queer communities: Queer Radio for men, Queer Radio for LGBTs and The Lesbian Show by and for women.

The two Queer Radio shows were designed as magazine-style radio, dealing with specific topics and invited guests. The Lesbian Show became Dykes On Mykes in the mid-90s. 4ZZZ allocated each show a weekly 2-hour slot in August 2002.

The shows forged ahead in tandem, eventually becoming the world’s longest continuously running diverse in gender and sexuality radio programs.

Queer Radio back in the day

Listener Mark Whiting posted on Facebook about his memories of volunteering at Queer Radio back in the early days.

“I regularly helped out at Queer Radio from late 1993 with Gai Lemon and John Frame. We used to read the news on-air, with the news items jotted on pieces of paper. It was rather interesting because there was no announcer training and it was all very informal. Also no Facebook or Internet as such back then.

“I helped with the music selection. John and Gai used to physically load the CDs and old Music Cartridges onto the playing machine. There were no Flash Pens or MP3s back then.

“We played anything from REM to Pansy Division. There was also Pet Shop Boys and a Techno version of Dancing Queen. It was amazing. You just rocked up and joined in, not like these days.”

Blair Martin

Current producer/coordinator Blair Martin became involved in Quuer Radio in the early 1990s, helping out when he could. He later became a permanent member and moved into his current role in 2012.

Blair said community radio ensures everyone has representation.

“Community radio provides a platform for voices that do not get acknowledged by the MSM.  When you hear voices like yours, stories about people like you and music that represents your existence, you feel a sense of hope and belonging.”

When and How to listen

Queer Radio airs from 20:00 – 22:00 AEST – 102.1FM, 4ZZZ on DAB/DAB+, live streaming 4zzz.org.au and on-demand replay for six weeks from date of broadcast.

Dykes on Mykes from 18:00 – 20:00 AEST

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