Queer Newsweek: Gladys, Steelers and DocQ on public toilets

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Queer Newsweek video news this week takes a humorous look at the ins and outs of the Gladys Berejiklian affair and yet other bonking Aussie pollies. Also, we talk to Eammon Ashton-Atkinson, the filmmaker who made Steelers: The World’s First Gay Rugby Club. Then, DocQ joins us to talk about public toilets and we finish with a Christmas message from Mrs Melania Trump.

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Originally a Brisbane boy, Eammon Ashton-Atkinson now works in Washington DC as a correspondent for the 10 Network. He produced Steelers during his previous sojourn in London. The full-length feature documentary shows on screens around Australian from 1 November. Queer Newsweek spoke to Eammon in Washington DC and will post the full interview tomorrow.


This week saw the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) bring to light the NSW Premier’s secret affair with a member of her government. The affair came as a shock because of the premier’s self-promoted reputation as a dedicated goody-two-shoes too focussed on her job to indulge in a private life.

While the Premier’s love life is her own business, her interaction with a man accused of massive corruption is newsworthy.

Queer Newsweek casts a wry eye over this affair and a number of other bonking Aussie pollies. George Christensen, the ‘Member for Manila’ and Barnaby Joyce, the ‘Beetrooter’ are always worthy of mention. But we also look back at Harold Holt, John Gorton and Billy McMahon. Who could forget Harold Holt going for a swim and never coming back? While in the company of one of his mistresses!


Dr Fiona Bisshop joins us to talk about the issue of public toilets and all the hullaballoo about trans women and toilets. She also gives us an update on COVID in Australia.

Finally, we finish as the festive season approached with a Christmas message from Mrs Melania Trump. The War on Christmas certainly enlists unlikely allies.

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