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This week in Queer Newsweek we look at the Ellen DeGeneres apology, the Love Island USA Porn Star, and recycled condoms. We also talk to DocQ, Dr Fiona Bisshop, about PrEP and trans activist Bridget Clinch about social media vilification.

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This week, we look at the Ellen DeGeneres apology. While Ellen’s atonement fell flat, should viewers really expect her television persona to perfectly match her real-life character?

Then, on to Love Island USA.

Because of the pandemic, CBS moved this year’s production of Love Island USA from Fiji to Las Vegas. However, it seems, what happens in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas.

Contestant Noah Purvis found himself not only removed from the show but erased from Love Island USA after CBS discovered his porn past.

While the television show itself is basically softcore porn, viewers speculated the fact Noah made gay porn prompted his erasure.

Love Island USA is, after all, a temple to the lustful worship of all things heterosexual. Like much cheap television, there’s no room for the real complexity and diversity of real life. Acting like adults and recognising that a man who performed gay acts in a porn movie might also find the idea of heterosexual romance appealing is apparently a stretch too far.

DocQ and Bridget Clinch

Authorities in Vietnam recently raided a facility which washed, dried and reshaped over 300,000 used condoms for recycling. Authorities could not ascertain where the facility obtained the used condoms. QNews did discover that the facility obtained the condoms before production began on Love Island USA, ruling out one possibility.

We talk to DocQ, Dr Fiona Bisshop about new research from Amsterdam indicating a decline in promiscuity and some drug use in men using PrEP. Finally, Bridget Clinch joins us to discuss the recent tribunal ruling awarding her $10,000 compensation for social media vilification.

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