Queer Eye’s JVN responds to controversial Dax Shepard interview

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A recent episode of Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert left Jonathan Van Ness in tears, and now the Queer Eye star has publicly responded to the controversy.

What started as a lighthearted conversation on the September podcast episode, quickly descended in to a ‘debate’ about trans rights.

During the conversation, Shepard said: “Some people are very uncomfortable about teenagers transitioning. They’re challenging that. How do we know that the person’s not gonna change their mind?”

Shepard then raised the topic of trans women in sports.

However, Van Ness said that a lot of their concerns where based on misinformation.

“All I’m saying is what we know about misinformation and disinformation is when you have an outsized reaction to something. There’s a good chance that you’re being exposed to misinformation and disinformation,” they said.

“And a lot of the rhetoric around the anti-trans backlash does have a lot of misinformation and disinformation in it.”

JVN speaks to Keke Palmer about ‘Armchair Expert’ interview

Speaking on Keke Palmer’s podcast- ‘Baby, This is Keke Palmer’, JVN has finally spoken publicly about what went on behind the scenes.

“If you listen to podcasts, you know what an edit is. And that was an edit,” they told Palmer.

“And that was an edit that I asked for approval or insight into, and was not given.

“After that conversation, I did ask for a transcript and what that was going to look or sound like, because that was quite a conversation, and I was not given insight into that. 

@jvn_official Many of you have asked for my response to the Dax interview on Armchair Expert. This is what I’ll say for now. Also how much do we love Keke Palmer?? #kekepalmer #jvn ♬ original sound – JVN

“There were some significant pieces of that conversation that were left out that did ultimately have me in tears.”

When Palmer asked what triggered Van Ness the most during the discussion they said that “it was realizing that this person who represents so much of opinions in the United States has these types of deep-seated opinions.

“Just, like, realizing how widespread the misinformation and disinformation is around queer people.”

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