Queer Eye’s Antoni is sharing recipes to cook in quarantine

antoni from queer eye

Queer Eye’s resident foodie, Antoni Porowski has started making ‘Quar Eye’ videos on Instagram where he teaches viewers simple dishes to cook during self-isolation.

Antoni said his inspiration for the content came after the supermarket had run out of the ingredients he needed to cook dinner.

So, he was forced to improvise. He wandered the store looking for ingredients he could use to make a healthy meal packed with flavour.

But his venture made him realise others probably had faced a similar predicament.

So he decided to film himself in the kitchen cooking up a storm and share it with his viewers.

“I went to the grocery store today because I really wanted to make huevos rancheros,” Antoni said.

“As I was walking through, I realised there were so many ingredients that weren’t there.

“I got whatever I could and it dawned on me a lot of people are actually going through this.

“[So] this is gonna be a series of cooking demonstrations and I’m gonna call it ‘Quar Eye’.”

Quar Eye for the stuck inside

In the first episode, Antoni makes what he called ‘the Keep Calm-lette’. It’s an omelette served with a Mexican salsa he made from whatever he could find.

But the best part of the video was Antoni’s excitement for food. Or maybe it was his biceps, it’s hard to narrow it down.

Either way, Antoni’s passion and enthusiasm are just what we need to make self-isolating bearable.

And for some reason, he makes cooking with staples look fun.

Just look at him being all cute and encouraging in the episode below.

A call to not be greedy

While cooking is Antoni’s thing, he’s also put a call-out to the public.

He has asked people to stop stockpiling food so others in the community have an opportunity to eat.

“You shouldn’t be panicking and maniacally stocking up on tonnes of food, because it takes it away from others,” Antoni said.

“You should get a few things at a time and leave some for others.”

But if anyone can make do with the bare minimum it’s Antoni.

In episode two of ‘Quar Eye’, Antoni made a meat sauce served over zoodles. Freaking zoodles!

Then in the most recent episode, he made two meals using leftovers and whatever he had in his fridge and pantry. Then he encouraged others to do the same. I think. I was too busy absorbing how cute he looked with his headband on. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the videos below.

“Tonight we’re making ‘Let Me Outside Leftovers’,” Antoni said.

“We shouldn’t be buying more than a week’s groceries at a time.

“And I really wanna nail this point that you can cook with leftovers.”

Oh, Antoni, you can cook for us any time.


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