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‘Queer Eye’ returned this week for a fourth go-around, even with the tears barely settled on all the makeover wins we experienced throughout the third season. Ah yes, guaranteed sob stories, but in the best possible way for us Netflix bingers.

The formula is once again in check – why fix something that isn’t broken?

Of course, Tan’s French tucks are never out of sight.

Jonathan still sprouts catchphrase gold.

Bobby also still feels slept on – but when the heart is in the right place, who cares if we’re revisiting the familiar.

Throughout the season’s 8-episode long stint, the Fab 5 work their magic on the likes of a lonely bachelor, a hardened drill-leader hoping to soften her edges, a “man-child”, and a paralysed bodybuilder.

(I dare y’all to not melt at the sight of this guy’s smile.)

Check out the Queer Eye season 4 trailer

However, it’s the season opener that is likely to hit the largest note.

Returning to his home town of Quincy Illinois, Jonathan gets to pay tribute to his favourite teacher.

The frumpy, mullet-haired, but incredibly loveable arts creator Kathi Dooley is something of a local celebrity at her school.

The crew re-do both the school’s lounge and Kathi’s aesthetics.

The end result is a truly touching episode that paints a healthy reminder of how important it is for educators to not treat LGBT-identifying children any different from their peers.

Indeed ‘Queer Eye’ Brings us yet another season completely incompatible with mascara.

The show continues to display its meaningfulness without sacrificing its playful personality in the process.

Can you believe?!?!?!

Queer Eye Season 4 is streaming on Netflix from July 19th.

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