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Big-hearted new comedy series Sort Of, starring a queer South Asian lead, is streaming in Australia on Stan this week.

Sort Of is created by and stars queer transfeminine actor Bilal Baig (pictured) in the lead role, breaking new ground for representation on TV.

In the series, Baig plays Sabi Mehboob, a 25-year-old genderfluid Pakistani-Canadian living in Toronto.

Sabi straddles their various identities, from sexy bartender at a queer bookstore/bar, to youngest sibling in a large Pakistani family, to working as a nanny for a downtown hipster family.

They feel like they’re in transition in every aspect of their life, from love to sexuality to family to career.

Dealing with the dead-end job and a failed romantic relationship, Sabi wants to reset their life.

Their best friend, 7even, wants them to leave the job and move to Berlin, “the queerest place in the galaxy”.

However an accident seriously injures the wife of the couple Sabi works for. As a result, they consider staying and caring for the children.

Do they regret it? Sort of.

With the series, Bilal Baig recalled “falling in love with this idea of looking at all our characters as they navigate and move through transition.”

“I want that word to be a word that isn’t so sectioned off to one community in our world,” Baig told the Toronto Star.

“While I understand transitions look different, and our world also doesn’t treat them all equally, I think it’s not a bad word.

“There’s nothing wrong about that word. My hope is that all people can embrace it. Because I think we all are always transitioning and evolving.”

Sort Of is streaming in Australia this week

Bilal Baig assembled a diverse group of queer talent behind and in front of the camera to film Sort Of in Canada last year. The TV series has subsequently sold around the world.

“[That] just really affirmed this notion that somebody like Sabi can be in every person,” Baig said.

“There’s something going on culturally where, particularly for trans and non-binary people, we’re in a movement.

“I’m here for it. I want to push it forward.

“Sometimes it feels like we’re erased from conversations entirely. Or we’re seen as the educator and the person with all the information.

“But that’s also, in another way, another dehumanising kind of thing.

“Because if I’m just your educator, you’re not actually engaging with me. You’re taking the information you need and then doing whatever you want with it.

“But what about that human person with a beating heart and a thinking mind right in front of you that you can actually engage with?

“And that’s, I think, where we really need to go for all people if we’re thinking about where we’d like our world to be.”

Sort Of is streaming in Australia on Stan on Wednesday (October 6). Watch the trailer below:

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