Qld Satanists say Parliament’s Christian prayer excludes them

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The Noosa Temple of Satan have launched a petition taking aim at the Australian Parliament’s “exclusionary” opening Christian prayers, ahead of the Morrison Government introducing the Religious Discrimination Bill.

The Sunshine Coast-based Temple of Satan has made national headlines for their activism and commentary around the controversial legislation.

The group held a Satanic Black Mass in Noosa last year. Recently, they announced a court bid to allow Satanic religious education in Queensland schools.

Now they’ve started a parliamentary petition calling on the national parliament “to stop imposing exclusionary Christian prayer rituals”.

“Every day in the two houses of our nation’s parliament, politicians, staff and members of the public gallery are asked to stand to recite the Lord’s Prayer,” the group write.

“This practice of reciting an exclusively Christian prayer discriminates against non-Christians.

“It sends a message that non-Christians are not welcome and not equal.

“With the government set to introduce a Religious Discrimination Bill to parliament, we reckon the parliament should firstly show its commitment to freedom of religion for all and to freedom from religion by removing Christian prayer from official proceedings.

“It would be hypocritical to consider that legislation while subjecting non-Christians to such a discriminatory practice.

“Our petition calls for the prayer to be replaced with a moment of silence for reflection or silent private prayer.”

The parliamentary e-petition has received 343 signatures. It closes in just under a month’s time.

Noosa Temple of Satan appeals to religious freedom supporters

Activist Robin Bristow is known within the Temple as Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.

He argues all religious freedom supporters should support the new petition.

“If the Christians in the Morrison government are serious about their commitment to religious freedom, they should demonstrate this commitment,” he said.

“Remove the religious-based discrimination that takes place every day on the floor of the parliament.

“Our parliament should be secular, welcoming and inclusive.”

Morrison Government introducing draft Religious Discrimination Bill within months

Attorney General Michaelia Cash has confirmed she’s working on a new draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill. She said she hopes to introduce it to parliament by December.

LGBTIQ advocates have criticised the previous drafts of the legislation as flawed and unfair.

And moderate Liberal MPs have also warned the final Bill must not allow new forms of discrimination.

Last year, the Noosa Temple of Satan went viral with their wild submission on an earlier draft of the legislation.

“Satanism has a message so powerful that we do not need laws to protect it,” the group wrote.

“Simply put, Noosa Satanists feel the proposed religious discrimination bill is completely unnecessary and a waste of this federal government’s time.

“Having said that, should this parliament vote to enact this legislation, then Satanists across Australia will aggressively use this law to ensure that we can access all the privileges it guarantees.”

The Temple then vowed to use the new laws to preach Satanism in the streets. They also vowed to push for Satanic chaplains in schools.

“Satan has great plans for the future of Noosa and Australia,” the group wrote.

“We intend to use every avenue available to us to reach our goals.

“Hail Satan!”

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