Queensland LNP Senator petitioning to fight ‘dangerous transgender agenda’

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Queensland LNP Senator Amanda Stoker has started a petition to fight against the “dangerous and radical transgender agenda”.

Stoker is a federal Senator and replaced retiring Liberal Senator George Brandis last March.

Now the conservative MP has launched a petition on her website calling on supporters to sign up to support her advocacy against “the transgender agenda”.

Writing on the petition, Senator Stoker claims the “transgender agenda demands that everyday Australians reject objective truth.”

“If a grown man chooses to wear women’s clothing and change their name, we are generally content to live and let live,” the senator writes.

“No one wants to make anyone feel ‘less than’. Most people agree that adults are free to live their life the way they want.

“But that doesn’t mean we abandon truth.

“It doesn’t mean we abandon common sense or our understanding of basic biology.”

Stoker describes the “demands” of the “transgender agenda” are “dangerous and radical” and “completely unreasonable”.

Stoker’s petition has attracted 211 signatures. In it, she asks for support to “keep women’s sport for women” and “protect” transgender children by restricting access to medication.

She claims parents “have a right to teach your children they are born as either a boy or a girl and that gender isn’t something we can choose.”

Experts say withholding gender-affirming treatment from trans and gender diverse people may exacerbate their distress, depression, anxiety or suicidality.

In 2017, the landmark Australian study Trans Pathways found 48% of the trans youth surveyed had attempted suicide.

Researchers determined “peer rejection, bullying, issues with school or university, and a lack of family support” were key factors impacting their mental health.

Senator Amanda Stoker claims being gay is a choice

Last December, Senator Amanda Stoker declared homosexuality and gender identity to be a “personal choice”.

Writing in the Australian Financial Review to criticise “identity politics”, Stoker declared people have no control over sex, race or disability, but gender identity and sexuality could be chosen.

“To obtain the protection, or indeed the promotion of the state, one must identify some attribute through which a special victimhood arises,” she wrote.

“These can be outside an individual’s control (such as sex, race or disability) or matters of personal choice (such as gender identity or sexuality).”

The self-proclaimed “proud conservative” Christian said last year faith schools need discrimination exemptions to stop LGBTIQ students forming “clubs” at school.

“You’ve got a conservative Catholic school and you’ve got a child who wants to run a gay club within the school,” she told Sky News, according to Out in Perth.

“That clearly contradicts Catholic teaching and Catholic schools should have the right to say that’s not within the framework of the values we want for this school.”

If you need someone to talk to, help is available from QLife on 1800 184 527 or online at QLife.org.au, Lifeline on 13 11 14, Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800, or beyondblue on 1300 22 4636.

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