Queensland Couple Will Finally Be Able To Make Their Marriage Official

Gemma Mann and her partner Debbie Gilson have been waiting five years for the day they could legally wed.

The couple (pictured) live in Rockhampton and celebrated their wedding there in 2012.

“It was the vote that we didn’t have to have. The politicians should’ve just done their job,” Gemma said.

“But we’ve had it and it’s so overwhelming to see that there’s such a majority of support. Not just in certain areas but right across the country.

“There was a lot of relief as well, after the pent-up feelings of anticipation. We were still in doubt right up to the last second. And suddenly, it’s a yes.

“Whether people actually decide to get married or not, it’s the fact they can – that simple equality – that’s the most important.”

Gemma said once the same-sex marriage legislation passes, they’ll begin planning a celebration for the day they finally legalise their marriage.

“We’ve been living just as a married couple but to make it legal is so important. It’s too important an event not to celebrate,” she said.

“All our family and friends have told us how keen they are celebrate with us when we do.”

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