Queensland brand Active Pride make activewear for whoever you are

Active Pride speedos
Photo: Active Pride

Active Pride is an LGBTIQ clothing company on a mission — to motivate and inspire individuals to regularly exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, and of course, help give them the confidence to be whoever they want to be and greater than any challenge they face.

Matt and Mitch from Active Pride are brothers, one gay and one an ally, and both proud Queenslanders.

Both love sport, any sport, but admit rugby is their greatest love.

The idea for their fun, athletic and proud apparel was born at the Bingham Cup, the World Cup of gay rugby.

Matt and  Mitch have played in four Bingham Cups for the World Barbarians Club, the team for rugby orphans —  those who either don’t belong to a home club, or whose home club is not competing.

The World Barbarians comprises people from different nations, of different shapes and sizes and wildly varying values and ideals.

The camaraderie of their cup experiences inspired the brothers to promote pride through apparel that allowed everyone to be comfortable in their own identity.

Their number one priority — to ignore binary opposites of male and female. Active Pride focuses on the fit of the clothing and promote it as masculine or feminine.

As they told QN Magazine, “We don’t want to box people into binaries. No one should feel ashamed of what they want to wear or how they want to wear it.”

Active Pride designs a range of shirts and singlets as well as swimwear in super fun, colourful and cheeky prints.

They also specialise in fully customisable teamwear which can feature any print imaginable. If you can dream it, Active Pride can do it.

Check out the Active Pride range at their website or on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

All of Active Pride’s range is modelled by local community members. Keep an eye out for the Brisbane Frontrunners for an example of Active Pride teamwear!

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