Queensland allows for trans people to change birth certificates

Queensland Trans and gender diverse birth certificate
Image: Equality Australia Twitter

In a landmark move, Queensland has passed a law allowing for trans and gender-diverse to change the gender on their birth certificates without having to undergo surgery.

In the past, trans and gender-diverse people were only able to change the sex on their birth certificates after also undergoing sexual reassignment surgery.

Many activists were also critical of this process, noting that the procedure was incredibly invasive and expensive, making it extremely unaccesible for many trans people.

The new laws eliminate this requirement and instead allow individuals to provide a testimonial from someone they have known for at least 12 months.

Additionally, the laws also allow for individuals to change their name simultaneously.

‘Life-changing moment’

Equality Australia representative and trans woman Ymania Brown describes the laws as a life-changing moment for trans and gender-diverse Queenslanders.

“What most people in Australia take for granted as a simple piece of paper is for trans and gender-diverse people the right to exist and be seen for who we are,” she said in a statement.

“Everyone deserves the respect and dignity of being recognised as themselves.”

She also went on to point out that the decision is well overdue:

“Queensland was one of the last places in Australia to have cruel and outdated legal barriers that deny many trans people ID that accurately reflects their gender,” Ms Brown said.

Progress in the face of resistance

LNP politicians were greatly resistant of the change, calling the bill a threat to women in restrooms and changerooms.

“This bill is an attack on women, it is an attack on women’s rights and it’s an attack on young girls,” deputy LNP leader Jarrod Bleijie told parliament.

However, Health Minister Shannon Fentiman noted last year in parliament when introducing the bill that these claims are completely baseless:

“Despite repeated claims to the contrary, there is no evidence from any jurisdiction to suggest that women will have fewer rights or be less safe,” she told parliament.

Many LGBTQIA+ community groups, members and their families are also celebrating the change, including Education Minister Grace Grace.

“As a very proud parent of a non-binary adult child, I say that identity is very important. Identity means everything to many members of the LGBTIQ+ community,” the Minister said in the meeting.

“Being able to, if you do not identify as cisgender, stipulate who you believe you are, your place in this world and what that means to you is what this bill is all about.”

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  1. Paul
    18 June 2023

    I wonder what the final vote was, I am just “worried” that the LNP will get in at the October 2024 election and “reverse and repeal” the new BDM laws unfortunately. This is long overdue and just waiting on NSW now, to change their archaic and burdensome surgery to change sex laws too!

  2. Bailey
    19 June 2023

    Would it be possible to have a judge block the LNP from making a reversal citing a lack of provable cause to repeal the new laws?

  3. Julian
    24 June 2023

    So that is why the church was pushing so much HATE PREJUDICE AND BIGOTRY AGAINST Trans InterSex citizens.
    Some people are Trans get over it

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