QNews saved! Thank you people!


With the help of people from around the globe we reached our crowd-funding goal and, your messages of support were incredibly moving!


Our team will be able to continue to do what we do best, namely supporting LGBTI people with an independent local voice across our regions and cities!

We are completely overwhelmed by the number of people who opened up to us directly, sharing their personal stories of why QNews is important to them, as well as many reminders of what we have achieved over the years and the people and groups we have been able to help.

We head onwards to complete our challenges and we will never forget the generosity of heart and spirit that we have witnessed over the past few weeks.

Thank you to the many people from across Australia and also quite a few from overseas who have made this possible. Of course also a huge shout out to the people who helped us with the campaign including the people at the Pozible website, the generous people who participated in and created videos, people who shared the campaign with others, other media such as Melbourne’s Joy FM & Brisbane Times who wrote a story about our campaign, the groups participated and also donated, and everyone else that lent their support in many other ways, we are very grateful to you!

Thank you from,
QNews team!