QNews responds to Facebook ban on Australian news sites

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Facebook this morning banned Australian news content. The action comes following Australian Government legislation that requires Google and Facebook to pay news publishers for content that appears in feeds. Following the Facebook ban, the QNews Facebook page became inaccessible, along with those of other Australian news publishers.

Despite apparently finding it impossible to stop Flat-earthers from spreading misinformation for more than a decade, Facebook banned Australian news content in a flash. The Facebook ban also impacted government health departments around the country and counselling services.

QNews publisher Richard Bakker said he encourages readers who previously relied on Facebook for news alerts to follow QNews on other social media.

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QNews Daily

Over the past year, QNews greatly increased in-house video content.  However, much of that content was broadcast via Facebook Live. Because the Facebook ban stops viewers from seeing that content, QNews will begin posting those videos to YouTube and increase our video content.

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QNews App

Richard Bakker said QNews also recently developed the QNews App.

“Our QNews app will soon be available. The free app will allow our readers to stay updated with current affairs and news.

“App technology provides easy access to the news the LGBTIQ+ communities need with breaking news, trending stories, etc.

“The QNews app will give readers the ability to read the news in a single click.

“With automatic updates, our followers will be able to effortlessly stay up-to-date with our ever-changing world.”

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