QNews responds to accusations

QNews responds

QNews has recently been accused of hate speech, bullying and several other forms of misconduct. We understand that the allegations have risen as a result of articles recently published to our website with regards to an event marketed to the LGBTIQ community.

QNews wishes to emphatically state that we do not, and have not, resorted to bullying of any kind nor do we condone any such behaviour by our staff, advertisers or readers.

As an LGBTIQ media outlet, it is our responsibility to keep our community informed on news and events that affect them. We aim to report on evidence and facts, as well as giving all involved parties an opportunity to comment and respond to allegations accordingly. With reference to the article to which these allegations relate, we believe we have carried out this role appropriately and fairly in our reporting. All parties involved were given an opportunity to comment, respond and provide evidence to support their statements.

QNews believes in honest and fair reporting. Sometimes the topics raised by our publication will expose issues within our own community. We report on these issues, not to harm, but to protect our community. As advocates for the LGBTIQ community, we seek that members are treated fairly and honestly by suppliers, service providers and event organisers.

Unfortunately, the publication in our recent articles has brought out some difficult topics of discussion which face our community. In retaliation, QNews has received threatening messages, emails and phone calls from the named parties and their supporters. It has come to our attention that our advertisers have also been contacted, with the aim of tarnishing our brand in a manner that is in contrast to our philosophy and mission. When members of our own community target legitimate LGBTIQ news outlets for reporting on the news, they cause harm, not just to the publication but the work they do for the community.

Here at QNews, we pride ourselves on celebrating the LGBTIQ community. We are a platform that gives the LGBTIQ community a voice and allows them to stay informed — honestly — even if sometimes the truth may be difficult to hear. It is in their best interest to know.

Accordingly, we ask that if you have been or are consequently contacted by anyone vilifying our media outlet, we ask that you please forward any such information to our office at contact@qnews.com.au.

QNews prides itself on honesty and is proud of its reputation as a reliable and transparent news source. We want to thank our advertisers for their loyalty to QNews, especially during this arduous journey which we are tackling with haste and vigilance. We thank you for your continued support.

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Richard Bakker

Richard Bakker is the publisher of QNews Magazine, Australia's comprehensive LGBTIQA+ SB news, entertainment and lifestyle magazine. A business owner for most of his working life is now actively involved in reviving the LGBTIQA+ SB voice Australia wide through a range of print and digital media platforms. You can contact Richard on manager@qnews.com.au

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