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Last week, Destiny Rogers from QNews spoke with Brazilian and global musical sensation Pabllo Vittar, the world’s most popular drag queen. Currently self-isolating at home in Brasil, the latest COVID-19 hotspot, Pabllo talks to QNews about her album 111, already certified gold in Brasil and taking off worldwide.

The most followed drag queen in the world earned her following with infectious joyful pop songs that loudly and proudly celebrate her identity as a member of the LGBTIQ+ communities.

Pabllo’s visibility as a gay man offers hope to other LGBTIQ+ people in South America and throughout the world and helps increase acceptance.


This week also saw the release of Pabllo’s collaboration with Calvin Klein. The joint effort raises money for the COVID-19 LGBTIQ Global Emergency Fund. OutRight Action International set up the fund to offer financial assistance to queer people directly affected by coronavirus across the globe.


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As huge fans of last year’s ‘Flash Pose’, Pabllo’s collaboration with Charlie XCX, QNews did not hesitate when offered the chance to talk with Pabllo about her new album 111.

Pabllo is presently sitting out the pandemic at home, enjoying her mum’s home cooking, writing music and communicating with her over 10 million fans on Instagram.

QNews: In the last three years, you’ve become an international superstar — the first Brazilian to perform at the Europe Music Awards, the first drag queen to win an award at the EMA and the first drag queen nominated for a Latin Grammy. It must have been an exciting time?

Pabllo: Starting from my first single in Brazil, everything is being like a dream coming true! I feel so blessed to achieve all of those things in my career and to represent the LGBT community wherever I go.

QNews: As an outspoken advocate for the LGBTIQ+ communities, you are a very popular performer for Pride events worldwide. You recently appeared at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Does it give you special joy to perform at those events?

Pabllo: Every performance is special to me! I love to be on stage and that is the best place on earth to me! But when I go to a place that a never been before everything turns to be even more important to me, to share the energy with audiences for the first time is magical!

Sydney Mardi Gras was amazing. I will remember everything about it with so much love! Not just the Mardi Gras, but also the parade and the laneway party that I attended! I loved Sydney. I miss it so much!

QNews: Can we expect to see you representing Brazil at Global Pride on 27 June?

Pabllo: I hope so!


QNews: You sing in three different languages on 111. Do you think English speaking audiences might now be more open to enjoying lyrics sung in other languages?

Pabllo: I think so! We now see Spanish and Korean speaking artists going huge globally! I am learning English and Spanish now so I can communicate better with everyone, but I can’t leave my Brazilian heritage behind, so I will sing a lot in Portuguese for you guys!

QNews: The title of 111 references your 1 November birthday. Is there a special reason for that and what makes you happiest about 111?

Pabllo: When we started to work on this project the only thing I could think of was a birthday playlist! So, the record is an image of what I would play on my birthday party! Starting with “Parabéns” (Happy Birthday in Portuguese) and finishing with some heavy electronic vibes in “Rajadão”!

QNews: You collaborated with Charlie XCX on ‘Flash Pose’. Other tracks feature collaborations with artists like Thalia on ‘Tímida’. Are collaborations an important part of your music?

Pabllo: Yes! I love to mix references and rhythms and there is no better way to do that then in a collaboration! Each artist has his/her own way of doing music and working with them is just amazing! The way we share experiences, references and how we grow together and learn from each other is just incredible.

QNews: Who can we expect to see you collaborating with in the future?

Pabllo: I got some new collabs on the way, but they are gonna be surprises! You will love it. I’m sure of it!

Pabllo Vittar on Jair Bolsonaro

QNews: To turn to your advocacy, you’ve been an outspoken critic of  Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro even to the point of costing yourself money by cutting ties with companies that support him. For us, outside Brazil, it’s distressing that a country so beloved in the world for its joyfulness, its amazing culture, and its glorious diversity has to endure such a president. Of course, other countries are suffering a similar problem at the moment. Do you see better days ahead?

Pabllo: I hope for better days ahead! We are struggling now, especially in Brazil, but we gotta keep fighting, and we will! And yes, it is not only happening in Brazil but in a lot of countries around the world!

It’s a conservative wave that we have to fight against and try, each one of us, to make the world a more respectful place to everybody.

Buy or stream 111 here.

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