QNews apology for a recent contentious article

qnews apology

QNews Apology: QNews recently published an article of a contentious nature. Before publication, concerned community members warned us the article would invite a barrage of unrelenting vilification, lies, threats, bullying, and accusations of bullying.

All of that and more happened. Despite that, we do not regret publishing. We do, however, believe that we need to make an apology.


QNews has received reports over the years of questionable behaviour which we ignored or put in the too-hard basket. Most of the people who contacted us wished to remain anonymous which made reporting on their accusations difficult.

QNews apology

QNews apologises for not investigating and reporting on this issue earlier.

The recent article

When we recently received a request to promote an event and defend the organiser from social media accusations, we looked at the subject with fresh eyes.

Here at QNews.com.au, we believe the role of LGBTIQ media is to celebrate all of our communities in all their glorious diversity — to defend them from attack, to help build them up, and to promote equality for all.

Now, we’ve never thought that meant portraying the LGBTIQ communities as perfect. LGBTIQ people are simply people. People are not perfect.

As in all other communities, we have people among us who would do others harm – thieves, liars, scammers etc.

For that reason, our media have an obligation to check the bona fides of those claiming to raise money for community causes.

Those who claim to support our community normally welcome an opportunity to show evidence of those good works.

But some do not… or can not.

When, after years of fundraising and good deeds, a person cannot produce a single piece of actual evidence proving their good deeds — a receipt, a social media post from someone they helped, a statement from a charity thanking them — there is reason to ask why.

When instead of sharing one single evidence-based fact, the person resorts to bullying, vilification and threats, we would be complicit in any future wrong-doing if we did not report on it.

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